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2020-05-26 14:45  


1 That trumpet player was certainly loud.But I wasn’t bothered by his loudness ___ by his lack of talent.

A so muchas   B rather than   C as   D than

2 ___, I’llmarry him all the same.

A Was he richor poor    B Whether rich or poor

C Were he richor poor    D Be he rich or poor

3 The government has promised to do ___lies in its power to ease the hardships of the victims in the flood-strickenarea.

Ahowever   B whichever   C whatever   D wherever

4 ___ if I had arrived yesterday withoutletting you know beforehand?

A Would you besurprised    B Were you surprised

C Had you beensurprised   D Would you have been surprised

5 If not ___ with the respect he feels dueto him, Jack gets very ill-tempered and grumbles all the time.

A beingtreated   B treated   C be treated   D havingbeen treated

6 It isimperative that students ___ their term papers on time.

A handin                B would hand in  

C have to handin          D handed in

7 The less the surface of the ground yieldsto the weight of a fully-loaded truck, ___ to the truck.

A the greaterstress is        B greater is the stress

C the stress isgreater    D the greater the stress is

8 The Minister of Finance is believed ___of imposing new taxed to raise extra revenue.

A that he isthinking    B to be thinking

C that he is tothink   D to think

9 Issues of price, place, promotion, andproduct are ___ conventional concerns in planning marketing strategies.

A these of themost      B most of those

C among themost       D among the many of

10 ___both sides accept the agreement ___ alasting peace be established in this region.

A Only if,will      B If only, would

C Should,will       D Unless, would

11 Mr. Wells, together with all the membersof his family, ___ for Europe this afternoon.

A are toleave   B are leaving   C is leaving   D leave

12 It was suggested that all governmentministers should ___ information on their financial interests.

Adiscover   B uncover   C tell     Ddisclose

13 As my exams are coming next week, I’lltake advantage of the weekend to ___ on some reading.

A catchup   B clear up   C make up   D pick up

14 I’m surprised they are no longer onspeaking terms. It’s not like either of them to bear a ____.

Adisgust   B curse   C grudge   D hatred

15 Mary hopesto be ___ from hospital next week.

Adismissed     B discharged   Cexpelled   D resigned

16 Once apicture is proved to be a forgery, it becomes quite ___.

Ainvaluable   B priceless     Cunworthy   D worthless

17 Jimmy earnshis living by ___ works of art in the museum.

Arecovering   B restoring    Crenewing     D reviving

18 I couldn’t sleep last night because thetap in the bathroom was ___.

Adraining   B dropping    C spilling   D dripping

19 The book gives a brief ____ of thecourse of his research up till now.

Aoutline   B reference   C frame    D outlook

20 She wasstanding outside in the snow, ___ with cold.

Aspinning   B shivering   C shaking    Dstaggering

21 All the rooms on the second floor havenicely ___ carpets, which are included in the price of the house.

Aadapted   B equipped    C suited    Dfitted

22 He playstennis to the ___ of all other sports.

Aeradication   B exclusion    C extension   Dinclusion

23 She answered with an ___ “No” to therequest that she attend the public hearing.

Aeloquent   B effective    Cemotional    D emphatic

24 Everyone whohas visited the city agrees that it is ___ with life.

Avibrant    B violent   C energetic   D full

25 We met Mary and her husband at a partytwo months ago. ___ we’ve had no further communication.

AThereof   B Thereby      CThereafter    D Thereabouts


26 Agriculture is the country’s chiefsource of wealth, wheat ___ by far the biggest cereal crop.

Ais     B been       Cbe      D being

27 Jack ___ from home for two days now, andI am beginning to worry about his safety.

A had beenmissing     B has been missed

C had beenmissing     D was missed

28 Above the trees are the hills, ___magnificence the river faithfully reflects on the surface.

Awhere   B of whose       Cwhose        D which

29 Who ___ wascoming to see me in my office this afternoon?

A yousaid                     B did you say

C did you saythat             D you did say

30 –Does Alanlike hamburgers?

--Yes. So much ___ that he eats them almost every day.

Afor       Bas             Cto         D so

31 Your ideas,____, seem unusual to me.

A likeher   B like hers    C similar to her  D similarto herself  

32 The opening ceremony is a greatoccasion. It is essential ___ for that.

A for us to be prepared            B that we are prepared

C of us to beprepared            D our being prepared

33 Time ____,the celebration will be held as scheduled.

Apermit   B permitting    Cpermitted       D permits

34 ___ I likeeconomics, I like sociology much better.

A As muchas  B So much  C How much   D Much as

35 It is futile to discuss the matterfurther, because ___ going to agree upon anything today.

A neither younor I are           B neitheryou nor me is

C neither younor I am           D neitherme nor you are

36 They overcame all the difficulties andcompleted the project two months ahead of time, ___ is something we had notexpected.

A which  Bit    Cthat           D what

37 He is quite worn out from years of hardwork. He is not the man ___ he was twenty years ago.

Awhich    B that    C who    D whom

38 She would have been more agreeable ifshe had changed a little bit, ____?

A hadn’tshe   B hasn’t she    C wouldn’t she   D didn’t she

39 At threethousand feet, wide plains begin to appear, and there is never a moment whensome distant mountain is not ___.

A onview   B at a glance   C on the scene   D insight

40 The firsttwo stages in the development of civilized man were probably the invention ofweapons and the discovery of fire, although nobody knows exactly when heacquired the use of the ____.

Alatter    B latest    C later      D last

41 It will takeus twenty minutes to get to the railway station, ___ traffic delays.

Aacknowledging   B affording  

C allowingfor     D accounting for  

42 He will haveto ___ his indecent behaviour one day.

A answerto   B answer for   C answer back   D answerabout

43 With ___exceptions, the former president does not appear in public now.

Arare   B unusual    C extraordinary   Dunique

44 We have beenhearing ___ accounts of your work.

Afavoured     B favourable   Cfavourite   D favouring

45 During thesummer holiday season there are no ___ rooms in this seaside hotel.

Aempty   B blank  C deserted   D vacant

46 Drivestraight ahead, and then you will see a ___ to the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway.

Asign   B mark    Csignal      D board

47 Wheneverpossible, Ian ____ how well he speaks Japanese.

A showsup   B shows around   C shows off   D shows out

48 The tenantleft nothing behind except some ___ of paper, cloth, etc.

Asheets   B scrapes   C pages   D slices

49 Shares onthe stock market have ___ as a result of w worldwide economic downturn.

Aturned    B changed    Cfloated     D fluctuated

50 I think youcan take a(n) ___ language course to improve your English.

Aintermediate    B middle     Cmedium   D mid


51 She did herwork ___ her manager had instructed.

Aas   B until    Cwhen        D though

52 ___ of thetwins was arrested, because I saw both at a party last night.

ANone    B Both    CNeither          D All

53 For sometime now, world leaders ___ out the necessity for agreement on arms reduction.

A had beenpointing             B have been pointing

C werepointing                D pointed

54 Have youever been in a situation ____ you know the other person is right yet you cannotagree with him?

A bywhich     B that       C inwhere         D where

55 We’ve justinstalled two air-conditioners in our apartment, ___ should make greatdifferences in our life next summer.

Awhich   B what    C that   D they

56 AIDS is said___ the number-one killer of both men and women over the past few years in thatregion.

Abeing    B to be    C to havebeen    D having been

57 She managedto save ___ she could out of her wages to help her brother.

A how littlemoney      B so little money

C such littlemoney    D what little money

58 Fool ___Jane is, she could not have done such a thing.

Awho    B as    C that    D like

59 Theexperiment requires more money than ____.

A have been putin     B being put in

C had been putin      D to be put in

60 ___ for thefact that she broke her leg, she might have passed the exam.

A Had it notbeen    B Hadn’t it been

C Was itnot      D Were it not

61 “Whatcourses are you going to do next semester?”

  “Idon’t know. But it’s about time ___ on something.”

A I’ddecide    B I decided   C I decide   D I’mdeciding

62 The policehave offered a large ___ for information leading to the robber’s arrest.

Aaward    B compensation    Cprize    D reward

63 I arrived atthe airport so late that I ___ missed the plane.

Aonly   B quite    C narrowly    Dseldom

64 Thepopularity of the film shows that the reviewers’ fears were completely ___.

Aunjustified   B unjust   C misguided   Dunaccepted

65 The head ofthe Museum was ___ and let us actually examine the ancient manuscripts.

Apromising    B agreeing    C pleasing  D obliging

66 Themultinational corporation was making a take-over ___ for a property company.

Aapplication    B bid    Cproposal    D suggestion

67 The party’sreduced vote was ___ of lack of support for its policies.

A indicative   B positive   C revealing   D evident

68 There hasbeen a ___ lack of communication between the union and the management.

Aregretful   B regrettable   Cregretting     D regretted

69 The teacher___ expects his students to pass the university entrance examination.

Aconfidentially    B proudly  C assuredly   D confidently

70 The ___family in Chinese cities now spends more money on housing than before.

Anormal   B average   C usual    D general

71 The newcolleague ___ to have worked in several big corporations before he joined ourcompany.

Aconfesses   B declares   C claims     Dconfirms

72 During thereading lesson, the teacher asked students to read a few ___ from the novel.

Apieces    B essays   C fragments    Dextracts

73 During thesummer holiday season it is difficult to find a(n) ___ room in the hotels here.

Aempty    B vacant   C free   D deserted

74 The oldcouple will never ___ the loss of their son.

A getover    B get away    C getoff      D get across

75 Scientificresearch results can now be quickly ___ to factory production.

Aused    B applied   C tried    Dpracticed


76 I can’tgo---for one thing, I have no money, and ___ I have too much work.

A what’smore   B as well    C for another   D inaddition

77 Even as agirl, ___ to be her life, and theater audiences were to be her bestteachers.  

A performing byMelissa were

B it was knownthat Melissa’s performances were

C knowing thatMelissa’s performances were

D Melissa knewthat performing was

78 ___ himtomorrow?

A Why not tocall on        B Why don’t call on

C Why notcalling on       D Why not call on

79 There is nodoubt ___ the company had made the right decision on the dales project.

Awhy   B that   C whether   D when

80 Intellect isto the mind ___ sight is to the body.

Awhat   B as   C that    D like

81 ___ Isympathize, I can’t really do very much to help them out of the difficulties.

A As longas    B As    C While   D Even

82 The patient’sprogress was very encouraging as he could ___ get out of bed without help.

Anearly   B hardly   C merely   D barely

83 He was ___to tell the truth even to his closest friend.

A too much of acoward       B too much the coward

C a cowardenough          D enough of acoward

84 Barry had anadvantage over his mother ___ he could speak French.

A sincethat   B in that   C at that   D so that

85 You needn’tworry ___ regards the cost of the operation.

Awith   B which   C as    D about

86 ___ is not aserious disadvantage in life.

A To be nottall            B Not tobe tall

C Being nottall            D Notbeing tall

87 During thefamine, many people were ___ to going without food for days.

Asunk    B reduced   C forced   D declined

88 The computercan be programmed to ___ a whole variety of tasks.

Aassign   B tackle   C realize     Dsolve

89 The team’sefforts to score were ___ by the opposing goalkeeper.

A frustrated   Bprevented   C discouraged   D accomplished

90 I only knowthe man by ___ but I have never spoken to him.

Achance   B heart   C sight   D experience

91 Beingcolour-blind, Sally can’t make a ____ between red and green.

Adifference   B distinction    C comparison  D division

92 You mustinsist that students give a truthful answer ___ with the reality of theirworld.

Arelevant   B simultaneous   C consistent   Dpractical

93 In order toraise money, Aunt Nicola had to ___ with some of her most treasured possessions.

Adivide   B separate   C part    D abandon

94 The car wasin good working ___ when I bought it a few months ago.

Aorder       B form   Cstate    D circumstance

95 The customerexpressed her ___ for that broad hat.

Adisapproval   B distaste   C dissatisfaction   Ddismay

96 In order torepair barns, build fences, grow crops, and care for animals a farmer mustindeed be ___.

A restless   B skilled    C strong    D versatile

97 Hisexpenditure on holidays and luxuries is rather high in ___ to his income.

Acomparison   B proportion   C association   D calculation

98 Although hehas become rich, he is still very ___ of his money.

Aeconomic   B thrifty   C frugal    D careful

99 As themanager was away on a bus8iness trip, I was asked to ___ the weekly staffmeeting.

Apreside   B introduce   C chair   D dominate

100 The ___ ofthe word is unknown, but it is certainly not from Greek.

Aorigin   B generation   c descent   D cause


101 Acutehearing helps most animals sense the approach of thunderstorms long beforepeople ____.

Ado    B hear    C do them   D hearingit

102 This is anillness that can result in total blindness ___ left untreated.

Aafter    B if     Csince     D unless

103 The central provinces have floods in some years, and ____.

A drought inothers          B droughts areothers

C while otherdroughts       D others in drought

104 do helpyourself to some fruit, ___ you?

A can’t   B don’t     C wouldn’t    D won’t

105 There ___nothing more for discussion, the meeting came to an end half an hour earlier.

A tobe    B to have been      Cbeing   D be

106 My mothercan’t get ___ because she has rheumatism(风湿病).

Aabout   B on    C through    D in

107 I was verymuch put ___ by Mark’s rude behavior; it really annoyed me.

Aover    B off     C up    Dby

108 You ___ Jimanything about it. It was none of his business.

A needn’t havetold           B needn’t tell

C mustn’t havetold           D mustn’t tell

109 All of uswould have enjoyed the party much more if there ___ quite4 such a crowd ofpeople there.

A weren’t   B hasn’t been   C hadn’t been    D wouldn’t be

110 Firms thatuse computers have found that the number of staff ___ is needed for qualitycontrol can be substantially reduced.

Awhose   B as    C what    D that

111 ___ at inthis way, the present economic situation doesn’t seem so gloomy.

ALooking    B Looked   C Having looked   D Tolook

112 Many peopleare ___ to insect bites, and some even have to go to hospital.

Ainsensitive   B allergic   C sensible    dinfected

113 When you’redriving on a motorway, you must obey the signs telling you to get into theright  ____.

Away   B track      C road   D lane

114 Themotorist had to ___ to avoid knocking the old woman down in the middle of theroad.

Aswerve   B twist   C depart   D swing

115 In winterdrivers have trouble stopping their cars from ___ on icy roads.

Askating   B skidding   C sliding   D slipping

116 Thisproject would ___ a huge increase in defense spending.

Aresult   B assure   C entail    D accomplish

117 The chancesof a repetition of these unfortunate events are ___ indeed.

Adistant   B slim    C unlikely   D narrow

118 We shouldmake a clear ___ between “competent” and “proficient” for the purposes of ourdiscussion.

Aseparation    B division    Cdistinction    D difference

119 In thepresent economic ___ we can make even greater progress than previously.

Aair   B mood   C area   D climate

120 Rite ofPassage is a good novel by any standards; ___, it should rank high on any listof science fiction.

Aconsistently   B consequently   C invariably   Dfortunately

121 Thediversity of tropical plants in the region represents a seemingly ___ source ofraw materials, of which only a few have been utilized.

Aexploited   B controversial    Cinexhaustible   D remarkable

122 While hewas in Beijing, he spent all his time ___ some important museums and buildings.

Avisiting    B traveling   Cwatching      D touring

123 You mustlet me have the annual report without ___ by ten O’clock tomorrow morning.

Afailure    B hesitation    Ctrouble    D fail

124 As thedirector can’t come to the reception, I’m representing the company ___.

A on hisaccount       B on his behalf

C for hispart         D in his interest

125 Dreams are___ in themselves, but, when combined with other data, they can tell us muchabout the dreamer.

Auninformative        B startling  

Charmless            D uncontrollable


126 After ___seemed an endless wait, it was her turn to enter the personnel manager’soffice.

Athat    B there     C what   D it

127 The threemen tried many times to sneak across the border into the neighboring country,___ by the police each time.

A had beencaptured        B being always captured

C only to becaptured       D unfortunately captured

128 ProfessorJohnson is said ___ some significant advance in his research in the past year.

A havingmade   B making   C to have made   D to make

129 Fat cannotchange into muscle ___ muscle changes into fat.

A any morethan             Bno more than

C no lessthan              D much more than

130 It is notso much the language ___ the cultural background that makes the book difficultto understand.

A but  Bnor   C as    D like

131 There oughtto be less anxiety over the perceived risk of mountain climbing than ___.

Aexists      B exist    Cexisting    D to exist

132 I’ve neverbeen to Lhasa, but that’s the city ___.

A I’d most liketo visit         B which I like tovisit mostly

C where I liketo visit         D I’d like much tovisit

133 He ___unwisely, but he was at least trying to do something helpful.

A may haveacted   B must have acted

C shouldact       D would act

134 If you havereally been studying English for so long, it’s about time you ____ able towrite letters in English.

A shouldbe   B were    C must be    D are

135 He’s ___ asa “bellyacher”----he’s always complaining about something.  

A who isknown         B whom is known

C what isknown        D which is known

136 ___, healways tries his best to complete it on time.

A However thetask is hard    B However hard the task is

C Though hardthe task is     D Though hard is the task

137 Much as___, I couldn’t lend him the money because I simply didn’t have that much sparecash.

A I would haveliked to    B I would like to have

C I should haveto like    D I should have liked to

138 My cousinlikes eating very much, but he isn’t very ___ about the food he eats.

A special    Bpeculiar    C particular    D specific

139 Your advicewould be ___ valuable to him, who is now at a loss as to what to do first.

Aexceedingly   B excessively    Cextensively    D exclusively

140 More oftenthan not, it is difficult to ___ the exact meaning of a Chinese idiom inEnglish.

Aexchange    B transfer     Cconvey      D convert

141 She refusedto ___ the door key to the landlady until she got back her deposit.

A handin    B hand out    C hand down   Dhand over

142 Thescientists have absolute freedom as to what research they think is best to ___.

Aengage          Bdevote      C seek      D pursue

143 The OlympicGames ___ in 776 B.C. in Olympia, a small town in


Aoriginated   B stemmed    C derived   ddescended

144 We should alwaysbear in mind that ___ decisions often result in serious consequences.

Aurgent   B instant   C prompt   d hasty

145 The factthat the management is trying to reach agreement __ five separate unions hadled to long negotiations.

Aover    B upon   C in     D with

146 Thechairman of the company said that new techniques had ___ improved theirproduction efficiency.

Aviolently   b severely    C extremely   Dradically

147 the localauthorities realized the need to make ___ for elderly people in their housingprograms.

Apreparation    B requirement    Cspecification    D provision

148 The guestteam was beaten by the host team 2 ___ 4 in last year’s CFA Cup Final.

Aover   B in    C to    D against

149 the policelet him go, because they didn’t find him guilty ___ the murder.  

Aof    B in   C over    D on

150 As adeveloping country, we must keep ___ with the rapid development of the worldeconomy.

Amove   B step   C speed    D pace


151 John is ___hardworking than his sister, but he failed in the exam.

A noless    B no more    C not less   D no so

152 Sheremembered several occasions in the past ___ she had experienced a similarfeeling.

Awhich   B before    C that    D when

153 If your car___ any attention during the first 12 months, take it to an authorized dealer.

A shallneed    B should need    c wouldneed    d will need

154 The indoorswimming pool seems to be a great deal more luxurious than ____.

A innecessary       B being necessary

C to benecessary     D it is necessary

155 _____, hecan now only watch it on TV at home.

A Obtaining nota ticket for the match

B Not obtaininga ticket for the match

C Not havingobtained a ticket for the match

D Not obtaineda ticket for the match

156 Thechildren prefer camping in the mountains ___ an indoor activity.

Ato   B than    C for    D with

157 Languagebelongs to each member of the society, to the cleaner ___ to the professor.

A as faras   B the same as   C as much as    D aslong as

158 ___ heneeded money for a new car, he decided not to borrow it from the bank.

A Muchas    B Much though   C As much   D Thoughmuch

159 The Clarks haven’t decided yet which hotel ___.

A tostay   B is to stay   C to stay at   D is forstaying

160 His strongsense of humor was  ___make everyone in the room burst out laughing.

A so asto   B such as to    C so that    Dsuch that

161 ___ enoughtime and money, the researchers would have been able to discover more in thisfield.

AGiving    B To give   C Given   D Beinggiven

162 You ___Mark anything. It was none of his business.

A needn’t havetold       B needn’t tell

C mustn’t havetold      D mustn’t tell

163 Themembership card entitled him ___ certain privileges in the club.

Aon   B in    C at    D to

164 Obviously,the Chairman’s remarks at the conference were ___ and not planned.

Asubstantial   B spontaneous    Csimultaneous    D synthetic

165 for thesuccess of the project, the company should ___ the most of the opportunities athand.

Aobtain   B grasp    C catch    D make

166 Failure tofollow the club rules ___ him from the volleyball team.

Adisfavored    B dispelled    Cdisqualified    D dismissed

167 Thediscovery of new oil fields in various parts of the country filled the governmentwith ___ hope.

Aeternal   B infinite    C ceaseless   Deverlasting

168 At firstthe company refused to purchase the equipment, but this decision was ___revised.

Asubsequently      B successively    

Cpredominantly    D preliminarily

169 The localpolice are authorized to ___ anyone’s movements as they think fit.

Apause    B halt    C repel    Dkeep

170 Have youever received ___ of what has happened to her?

A theword   B words    C word    D the words

171 Twelve isto three ___ four is to one.

Awhat    B as    C that    D like

172 Things wentwell for her during her early life, but in her middle age her ___ seemed tochange.

Aaffair   B luck    C event    D chance

173Although I spoke to her about the matter several times, she took little ___ ofwhat I said.

Aremark   B warning     C notice   D attention

174 The schemewas ___ when it was discovered it would be very costly.

Aresigned    B surrendered    Creleased     D abandoned

175 Yesterdaymy aunt bought some new ___ for her flat at the seaside.

Afurniture    B furnitures    Cpossession     D possessions


176 How can Iever concentrate if you ___ continually ___ me with silly questions?

A have,interrupted         B had, interrupted

C are,interrupting        D were, interrupting

177 When youhave finished with that video tape, don’t forget to put it in my drawer, ___?

A doyou    B will you   c don’t you    dwon’t you

178 He leftorders that nothing ___ touched until the police arrived here.

A shouldbe    B ought to be   C must be    Dwould be

179 Mr. Whiteworks with a chemicals import & export company, but he ___ for thisindustrial fair, since he is on leave.

A hasworked   B works   C has been working    Dis working

180 Thephysicist has made a discovery, ___ of great importance to the progress ofscience and technology.

A I think whichis           B that I thinkis

C which I thinkis         D which I think it is

181 ___, he isready to accept suggestions from different sources.

A Instead ofhis contributions

B For all hisnotable contributions

C His makingnotable contributions

D however hisnotable contributions

182 The teamcan handle whatever ___.

A that needshanding    B which needs handling

C it needshandling       D needs to be handled

183 Come andsee me whenever ___.

A you areconvenient       B you will be convenient

C it isconvenient to      D it will be convenient

184 It was as aphysician that he represented himself, and ___ he was warmly received.

A assuch   B such as    C as that    D sothat

185 I havenever been to London, but that is the city____.

A where I liketo visit most        B I’d most like tovisit

C which I liketo visit mostly       D where I’d like most tovisit

186 I was to havemade a speech if ___.

A I was notcalled away       B nobody would have called meaway

C I had notbeen called away   D nobody called me away

187 I felt thatI was not yet ___ to travel abroad.

A toostrong    b strong enough   C so strong   Denough strong

188 The planefound the spot and hovered close enough to ___ that it was a car.

Aensure    B examine     C verify  D testify

189 Theencouraging factor is that the ___ majority of people find the idea of changeacceptable.

Anumerous    B vast       Cmost    D massive

190 Theincrease in student numbers ___ many problems for the universities.

Aforces   B presses    C provides    Dposes      

191 Please ___from smoking until the aeroplane is airborne.

Arefrain   B prevent    C resist   D restrain

192 Reportersand photographers alike took great ___ at the rude way the actor behaved duringthe interview.

Aannoyance   B offence    C resentment   Dirritation

193 Topics forcomposition should be ___ to the experiences and interests of the students.

Aconcerned   B dependent    C connecting   drelevant

194 The novelcontains some marvelously revealing ___ of rural life in the 19thcentury.

Aglances    b glimpses   C glares    Dgleams

195 Sometimesthe student may be asked to write about his ___ to a certain book or articlethat has some bearing on the subject being studied.

Areaction   B comment    Cimpression     D comprehension

196 Pickingflowers in the park is absolutely ____.

Aavoided    B prohibited    crejected    D repelled

197 Tony hasnot the least ___ of giving up his research work.

Aintention    B interest   C wish    Ddesire

198 Two of thechildren have to sleep in one bed, but the other three have ___ ones.

Asimilar    B singular   C different   D separate

199 Am I tounderstand that his new post ___ no responsibility with it at all?

A keeps   B supports   C carries    D possesses

200 Animalsthat could not ___ themselves to the changed environment perished and thosethat could survived.

Achange     B adapt      Cmodify    D conform


201 You won’tget a loan ___ you can offer some security.

Alest    B incase          C unless  D other than

202 ___ time,he’ll make a first-class tennis player.

AHaving    B Given    C Giving    DHad

203 I ___ theparty much more if there hadn’t been quite such a crowd of people there.

A wouldenjoy             B will have enjoyed

C would haveenjoyed       D will be enjoying

204 Thiscompany ahs now introduced a policy ___ pay rises are related to performance atwork.

Awhich     B where    C whether   D what

205 He wasn’tasked to take on the chairmanship of the society, ___ insufficiently popularwith all members.

A havingconsidered        B was considered

C was beingconsidered      D being considered

206 This mayhave preserved the elephant from being wiped out as well as other animals ___in Africa.

Ahunted    B hunting   C that hunted   D arehunted

207 The officehas to be shut down ___ funds.

A being a lackof       B from lack of

C to a lackof          D for lack of

208 Ininternational matches, prestige is so important that the only thing that mattersis to avoid ___.

A from beingbeaten    B being beaten

Cbeating            D to be beaten

209 As itturned out to be a small house party, we ___ so formally.

A need not havedressed up    B must not have dressed up

C did not needto dress up    D must not dress up

210 Western Nebraska generally receives less snow than ___ eastern Nebraska.

Ain    B it receives in     Cdoes     D it does in

211 ___ nocause for alarm, the old man went back to his bedroom.  

A Therewas    B Since    C Being    DThere being

212 Thebrilliance of his satires was ___ make even his victims laugh.

A so asto   B such as to    C so that   D such that

213 If he ___in that way for much longer he will find himself in the bankruptcy court.

A carrieson   B carries off    C carried by    Dcarried away

214 Althoughthe false banknotes fooled many people, they did not ___ to close examination.

A lookup     B pay up     C keepup     D stand up

215 he mustgive us more time, ___ we shall not be able to make a good job of it.

Aconsequently  B otherwise    C therefore   D doubtlessly

216 When therewas a short ___ in the conversation, I asked if anyone would like anything todrink.

Ablank     B space    C pause   D wait

217 You can doit if you want to, but in my opinion it’s not worth the ____ it involves.

Aeffort    B strength    Cattempt    D force

218 The mainroad through Littlebury was blocked for three hours today after an accident ___two lorries.

A involving  B including    C combining   D containing

219 Very fewscientists ___ with completely new answers to the world’s problems.

A cometo   B come round    C come on    Dcome up

220 Hotel roomsmust be ___ by noon, but luggage may be left with the porter.

Adeparted    B abandoned   C vacated   Ddisplaced

221 Half theexcuses she gives are not true, but she always seems to ___ them.

A get onwith    B get away with   C get upfrom    D get in on

222 The ___physicist has been challenged by others in his field.

Arespectable    B respectful    Crespective   D respecting

223 Withhundreds of works left behind, Picasso is regarded as a very ____ artist.

Aprofound   B productive   Cprosperous     D plentiful

224 The citysuffered ___ damage as a result of the earthquake.

Aconsidered   B considerate   Cconsiderable    d considering

225Undergraduate students have no ___ to the rare books in the school library.

Aaccess   B entrance   C way   D path


226 most peoplecan’t get ___ the day without at least one cup of tea or coffee.

Aon    B through   C over    D by

227 he noticedthe helicopter hovering over the field. Then to his astonishment, he saw a ropeladder ___ out and three men climbing down it.

Athrowing               B being thrown    

C havingthrown           D havingbeen thrown

228 He resented___ to wait. He expected the minister ___ him at once.

A to be asked,to see     B being asked, to see

C to be asked,seeing    D being asked, seeing

229 The idea oftraveling through ___ space to other planets interests many people today.

Aa    B the   C /   D one

230 The meeting’sbeen cancelled. Ann ___ all that work.

A need todo            B needhave  

C needn’t havedone     D needed not to do

231 It was notuntil midnight ___ the snowcapped peak.

A that theysighted    B that they did not sight

C did theysight      D had they sighted

232 You’dbetter look at the difficulty ____.

A the otherway    B by the other way

C anotherway     D by another way

233 ____ I wasvery much mistaken, there was something wrong with Louise.

AUnless   B As   C Though    D Since

234 He prefers_____.

A to writ hisletters rather than dictating them

B to write hisletters rather than dictate them

C writing hisletters rather than dictate them

D writing hisletters rather than have dictated them

235 You and Icould hardly understand, ____?

A could I    B couldn’t you   C couldn’t we   D could we

236 He is notunder arrest, ___ any restriction on him.

A or the policehave placed      B or have the police placed

C nor thepolice have placed     D nor have the police placed

237 We could___ him with a detached house when he came, but he had specifically asked for asmall flat.

A provide B have provided  C not provide  D not have provided

238 Thismissile is designed so that once ______ nothing can be done to retrieve it.

Afired    B being fired    C theyfired    D having fired

239 ______ thetwo, Bob is ____ student.

A Of, morediligent       B In, more diligent

C Of, the morediligent    D In, the more diligent

240 ______, hewould not have recovered so quickly.

A Hadn’t bebeen taken good care of  

B Had he notbeen taken good care of

C Had not hebeen taken good care of

D Had he beennot taken good care of

241 The localcouncil has decided to take the ______ of the hotel to court.

Alandlord    B tenant    Cclient    D proprietor

242 Swarms ofwasps are always invading my garden. They are a thorough _______ .

Anuisance    B disturbance    Ctrouble    D annoyance

243 The colddrink ________ him after his long hot journey.

Areduced    B refreshed    Creleased    C recovered

244 For yearsshe suffered from the ____ that her husband might come back her.

Avision    B idea    Cimagination    D illusion

245 He went to Australia hoping to find a teaching ____ without too much difficulty.

Awork    B career   C post     Demployment

246 Theaccusation left him quite ____ with rage.

Aquiet    B silent    C mute    Dspeechless

247 As the drugtook _____ the patient became quieter.

Aforce    B effect    C action    Dinfluence

248 From timeto time, there have been ____ demands that the basic wage be increased.

Ainsistent    B persistent    Cconsistent    D resistant  

249 Notebooks,textbooks and school magazines were accidentally _____ all over the floor.

Aspread    B separated    Csplashed    C scattered

250 An _____degree was conferred on the distinguished professor.

Ahonest    B honored   C honorary  D honorific

251 Mr. Brown’scondition looks very serious and it is doubtful if he will pull _____.

Aup      B through     Cout     D back

252 The purposeof the survey was to ______ the inspectors with local conditions

Ainform    B notify    Cinstruct     D acquaint

253 Because ofhis poor health, it took him a long time to throw _____ his bad cold.

Aoff    B away    C down    D over

254 Thoughbadly damaged by fire, the palace was eventually ____ to its original splendor.

Arecovered     B renewed     Crestored    D replaced

255 They had apleasant chat ______ a cup of coffee.

Afor    B with    C during    Dover


256 A ship witha heavy load of timber is reported to have sunk _____ the coast of California.

Aoff     B on    C at    D in

257 Arriving atthe bus stop, _____waiting there.

A a lot ofpeople were     B he found a lot of people

C a lot ofpeople         D people were found

258 _____ yourtimely advice, I would never have known how to go about the work.

AUnless   B But for   C Except for   D Not for

259 We canassign the task to _____ is capable and trustworthy.

Awhomever   B who   C whom   D whoever

260 ____regular training in nursing, she could hardly cope with the work at first.

A Notreceived         B Sincereceiving  

C Havingreceived      D Not having received

261 So badly______ in the car accident that he had to stay in hospital for a few months.

A did heinjure       B injures him  

C was heinjured     D he was injured

262 The country’schief exports are coal, cars and cotton goods, cars _____ the most important ofthese.

A havebeen     B are     Cbeing     D are being

263 It wasrecommended that passengers _____ smoke during the flight.

Anot     B need not    D couldnot     D would not

264 “She mustbe in the dormitory now” “No, she _____ be there. I saw her in the classroom aminute ago.”

A mustn’t   B can’t     C couldn’t    D wouldn’t

265 _____humanproblems that repeat themselves in _____ life repeat themselves in _____literature.

A /, /,the     B /, the, /    C The, /,/     D The, the, the

266 Only takesuch clothes _____ really necessary.

A as were   Bas they are  C as they were  D as are

267 ____youwere busy, I wouldn’t have bothered you with my questions.

A If Irealized       B Had I realized  

C I realizedthat     D As I realized

268 She hastaken great pains to conceal her emotions, and thereby made them _____conspicuous.

A all themore   B all the much   C all more    D allmuch

269 He ______the 8:20 bus because he didn’t leave home till 8:25.

A couldn’t havecaught    B ought to have caught  

C shouldn’thave caught   D must not have caught

270 _____ isoften the case with a new idea, much preliminary activity and optimisticdiscussion produced no concrete proposals.

AThat    B It     CThis      D As

271 Pleasedispose ____ those old newspapers while you’re cleaning up the room.

A obtain    B improve    C benefit    D continue

273 Thisautomobile plant has a monthly _____ of 500 cars.

Aproficiency    B capability    Cstrength    D capacity

274 At presentthere is a ____ of iron and steel and more must be produced.

Alimit    B loss    C poverty    Dscarcity

275 He was ____admittance to the concert hall for not being properly dressed.

Arejected     B denied     Cwithheld     D deprived

276 Because ofthe strong sun the new sitting-room curtains have _____from dark blue to grey.

A fainted    B paled    C bleached     D faded

277 My newsweater ___ when I washed it.

Ashrank     B shortened     Ccontracted    D condensed

278 He was so___ on his work that he didn’t hear her come in.

Aintent    B absorbed      Cengrossed   D involved

279 George hasa big coffee ___ on the front of his jacket.

Aspot    B mark    C stain    Dpatch

280 The problemhas ___ simply because you didn’t follow the instructions in the handbook.

Aassembled   B arisen    C risen    Dresulted

281 Try not tosay anything hurtful to her. She is a very ___ person.

Asensible    B sensitive   C tough    Dreasonable

282 The ___driver thinks accidents only happen to other people.

Aaverage   B common    C usual    Dnormal

283 The boxer___ his opponent as hard as he could.

Apunched    B slapped      Cknocked    D whipped

284 TheChristmas presents were all ____ in shiny paper.

A doneover    B done with    C doneout    D done up

285 In the nextfew years major changes will be ___ in China’s industries.

A broughtforward     B brought about

C broughton          D brought up


286 As all ofus know, color-blind people often find it difficult to ___ between blue andgreen.

Aseparate    B distinguish    Ccompare    D contrast

287 Manyartists predict that this brilliant young actor ___ to be a shining star.

Adestines          B will bedestined

C isdestined       D has been destined

288 The localgovernment leaders are making every effort to ___ the problem of poverty.

Aabolish    B tackle   C remove    C encounter

289 Hiscompanions have threatened to ___ his crimes to the police.

Aimpose   B express    C enclose    Dexpose

290 All their___ have been shown up by their own deeds.

Adebates    B decorations    Cdeductions    D deceptions

291 fruit ischeapest ____ season.

Aat    B on    C in     dthrough

292 In theirlatest design, the company is clearly ___ the success of previous years.

A buildingup         B buildingupon    

C buildingout        D building over

293 In Beijing,the best season of the year is probably ___ fall.

Alater       B last     Clatter    D late

294 Even thoughhe was guilty, the ___ judge did not send him to prison.

Amerciful           Bimpartial    

Cconscientious      D conspicuous

295 Although hethought he was helping us to prepare the dinner, he was actually ___ the way.

Ain     B off    C by    D on

296 A largepart of human activity, particularly in relation to the environment, is ___conditions or events.

A in responseto                B in favor of

C in contrastto                D in excess of

297 The busdriver is ____ for the passengers’ safety.

Askillful      B responsible    Cstrict    D intensive

298 I hatepeople who ___ the end of a film that you haven’t seen before.

Areveal       Brewrite       C revise    dreverse

299 Care shouldbe taken to decrease the length of time that one is ___ loud continuous noise.

A subjectedto         B filled with

C associatedwith      D attached to

300 The humanvoice often sounds ___ on the telephone.

Atwisted    B irregular   Cdistorted     D deformed

301 Since theground is wet, it ____ last night.

A must haverained         B must be raining

C mustrain              D had rained

302 If you are requiredto do some work, it must be done ____.      

A sooner or later     B after all others

C atlast             Din the long run

303 Nuclearscience should be developed to benefit the people ____ harm them.

A morethan    B other than    C ratherthan    D better than

304 I’m goingto ___ my old bicycle and buy a new one.

A get awaywith        B get rid of

C get outof            D clearout

305 Hesuggested ___ to tomorrow’s exhibition together.

A us togo   B we went    C we shallto     D we go

306 He ___ somuch work that he couldn’t really do it efficiently.

A puton    B turned on    C broughton    D took on

307 Thebranches could hardly ___ the weight of the fruit.

Aretain    B sustain    Cmaintain    D remain

308 Our houseis about a mile from the station and there are not many houses ___.

A inbetween   B among them    C far apart   Dfrom each other

309 That’s anice watch. I wish I ____ one like it.

Ahave    B had    C havehad      D can have

310 I am notused ___ to like that.

A to beingspoken      B to speak

C beingspoken        D to speaking

311 No soonerhad we reached the top of the hill ___ we all sat down to rest.

Athan    B then   C when    D until

312 I haven’tseen Mary these past few days; I’m afraid she ___ herself for some time.

A hasn’t beenfeeling          B hadn’t beenfeeling

C isn’tfeeling               D wasn’t feeling

313 She ___upon me, saying I was to blame.

Aretorted     B resorted     Cretreated    D resolved

314 It isdifficult to ___ which party will win the election.

Aconclude    B favor     Cpredict     D warn

315 Theaccident ___ just as we were leaving home.

Aarose   B rose    C happened    Dproceeded

316 More thantwo hundred years ago the United States ___ from the British Empire and becamean independent country.

A gotoff    B pulled down    C broke away  D dropped off

317 Scientistssay it may be five or ten years ___ it is possible to test this medicine onhuman patients.

Asince   B when    C after    D before

318 On weekendsmay grandma usually ___ a glass of wine.

A subscribesto    B engages in    C hangson     D indulges in

319 The abilityto store knowledge makes computers different from every other machine ___invented.

Aever    B thus    C yet    D as

320 Thecriminal always paid ___ cash so the police could not track him down.

Aon    B by    C for    D in

321 I can ___some noise while I’m studying, but I can’t stand loud noises.

A come upwith   B catch up with

C put upwith     D keep up with

322 Last year,the crime rate in Chicago had sharply ___.

Adeclined   B lessened   C descended    D slipped

323 ___ thatthey may eventually reduce the amount of labor needed on construction sites by90 percent.

A So clever arethe construction robots

B So clever theconstruction robots are

C Suchconstruction robots are clever

D Such cleverconstruction robots are

324 Onceenvironmental damage ___, it takes many years for the system to recover.

A haddone   B is to do   C does   D is done

325 Conveniencefoods which are already prepared for cooking are ___ in grocery stores.

A ready  Bapproachable   C probable   D available

326 Scientistswill have to ___ new methods of increasing the world’s food supply.

A catch upwith    B come up with

C put upwith     D keep up with

327 Scientistseverywhere are trying to ___ a cure for AIDS.

Aexpect   B invent    C discover   D make

328 All partsof this sewing machine are ___ so that it is very simple to get replacementsfor them.

Amechanized    B minimized   Cmodernized    D standardized

329 Childrenwho are over-protected by their parents may become ___.

A hurt   B damaged    C spoiled    D harmed

330 She cleansher room once a week, and the job usually ___ her two hours.

Aspends    B takes    C works   D continues

331 ____student with a little common sense should be able to answer the question.

AEach      B Any    CEither    D One

332 AlthoughAsian countries fare generally more ___ in social customs than Westerncountries, there have been several notable examples of women leaders in both China and India.

Aconservative             B confidential  

C comprehensive           D consistent

333 Part of thecost of many articles is taken as tax by the government ____ the community.

A in placeof    B in terms of    C on accountof    D on behalf of

334 She wasdisappointed that her services had been ___ by her superiors.

Aoverloaded    B overpriced    Coverlooked   D overturned

335 Every manin this country has the right to live where he wants to, ____ the color of hisskin.

A with theexception of          B in thelight of

C by virtueof                 D regardless of

336 Somecompanies have introduced flexible working time with less emphasis on pressure____.

A than more onefficiency        B and more efficiency

C and more onefficiency        D than efficiency

337 I wish I___ longer this morning, but I had to get up and come to the class.

A haveslept    B slept    C might haveslept    D had slept

338 Hisabsolute reliability is ___ suspicion.

Afrom    B in      Cbeyond    D with

339 She onceagain went through her composition carefully to ____ all spelling mistakes fromit.

Awithdraw   B diminish    C abandon   Deliminate

340 It ishighly desirable that a new dean ____ for this deparment.

A beappointed   B appoint   C will be appointed   Dis appointed

341 No oneneeds to feel awkward in ___ his own customs.

Apursuing   B following    C chasing   Dseeking

342 ____ thewall, we decided that we should need three tins of paint.

A Makingup    B Doing up   C Putting up   D Sizingup

343 I remember___ to help us if we ever got into trouble.

A once offering  B him once offering  

C him tooffer    D to offer him

344 He was oneof the greatest writers ___ had ever lived.

Awho    B which    C that    D as

345 A newtechnique ___, the yields as a whole increased by 20 per cent.

A workingout               Bhaving worked out

C having beenworked out     D to have been worked out

346 before hestarted the work, I asked the builder to give me an ___ of the cost ofrepairing the roof.

A assessment    B estimate    C announcement   D evaluation

347 The firemenfought for three hours before they managed to __ the fire.

A giveup   B put out   C break off    D cut back

348 The ___ oftemperature in that district are very great.

Avariety   B varieties   C vary   D variations

349 I’, notsure whether I can gain any profit from the investment, so I can’t make a(n)___ promise to help you.

Aexact   B defined   C definite   D sure

350 I wasspeaking to Ann on the phone when suddenly we were ___.

Ahung   B hung back   C cut down   D cut off

351 ____ somemammals came to live in the sea is now known.

AWhich   B Since    C Although    D How

352 Even inancient times, there were ___ of night-watchmen which went about the cities.

Aguards   B teams    Croutes      D patrols

353 The heartis ___ intelligent than the stomach, for they are both controlled by the brain.

A notso   B much more   C not more    D no more

354 I think shehurt my feelings ____ rather than by accident as she claimed.

Avirtually    B deliberately     Cliterally    D appropriately

355 As I wasjust getting familiar with this job, I had ___ to ask my boss.

Amany   B most    C much     D more

356 That was soserious a matter that I had no choice but ____ the police.

A calledin   B calling in    C call in    D tocall in

357 I wish thatHenry ___ interested in reading good books.

A willbe    B is     Cwould     D were

358 I signedthe letter ate the ___ of the page.

Abottom     B floor    Cbase    D root

359 A writerhas to ____ imagination as well as his experiences for his writing.

A draw backfrom    B draw in     C draw up   D draw on

360 Can youthink of a ____ excuse for our being late?

Aflexible   B reliable    Cfavorable     D reasonable

361 He ____live in the countryside than in the city.

A wouldrather    B had better   C may aswell    D prefer

362 If you pushhard on the world, the world will push back on you; if you touch the worldgently, the world will touch you gently ___.

A inreturn    B in the long run   C inturn    D in place

363 From here,we can see the bridge ___ construction.

Abelow    B by    C in    D under

364 Jack’suniversity education gave him ___ over boys who had not been to college.

A abenefit     B a profit    C aview    D an advantage

365 Did he giveyou anything ___ the letter?

Aexcept   B but   C beside    D besides

366 She readthe story twice, ____.

A and so didMary            B and soMary did

C but Marydid              D and neither did Mary

367 ___ thelibrary ____ the bookstore had the book I need. Will you tell me where I canget it?

A Neither,nor   B Neither, or    C Either, or   D Either, nor

368 ___ thatthe trade between the two countries reached its highest point.

A During the1960’s           B That iswas in the 1960’s  

C It was in the1960’s          D It was the 1960’s

369 It isdangerous to run a fast race without ____ yourself up first.

Aputting   B dressing    C making    Dlimbering

370 Sometimeswe are asked ___ we think the likely result of an action will be.

Aif     B that    C what    Dwhether

371 A good manyhouses ____ knocked down by the earthquake.

Awas     B were   C is     Dare

372 Theeconomic crises in that country have threatened the ____ of the government.

Astability    B capability   Cpersistence     D permanence

373 I’m sorryto have taken up too much of your ___ time.

Aworthy    B valuable    Cvalueless    D priceless

374 By 1990,production in the area is expected to double ____ of 1980.

Athat    B it     Cone     D what

375 If you ____the bottle and cigarettes, you’ll be much healthier.

A take off   B keep off     C get off     D set off

376 I am ___the impression that you have made much improvement in your English study.

Aat    B in    C under   D with

377 ____ youneed is a good rest.

AEverything     B Anything    CAll     D Something

378 He was ____very attentively, with eyes half-closed.

Ahearing    B listening    Clooking    D thinking

379 The clockwas ___ eleven when I went upstairs to bed.

Astriking    B beating    Cringing    D sounding

380 Many of thehuman problems associated with living in the ocean are ___ the problems ofliving in outer space.

A justas     B such as    C such that  D the same as

381 He is afriendly person, who ___ well with everyone at the office.

A getson     B gets off    C getsthrough   D gets round

382 Liquids arelike solids ___ they have a definite volume.

A withthat      B for that     C inthat    D at that

383 Although heis over 60 now, he still cannot forget the traffic accident 30 years ago ofwhich his ___ is really a miracle.

Aescape      B survival     Crunaway   D victim

384 I like togo to the cinema when I am in the ___ for it.

Amotive   B mood    C mind    D notion

385 Americanwomen were ___ the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard struggle.

Aignored    B neglected   C denied    Drefused

386 In fact,Mary would rather have left for Beijing ___ in Shanghai.

A tostay   B than stay     C than havestayed   D to have stayed

387 He had abad cold. ___ is why he didn’t come.

AIt   B This   C That    D What

388 Dogs are oftenpraised for their ___; they almost never abandon their masters.

Afaith   B loyalty    C trust    Dtruthfulness

389 Many peoplecomplain of the rapid ___of modern life.

Arate    B pace   C speed   D growth

390 As yourinstructor advised, you ought to spend your time on something ___ researchinginto.

Aprecious   B worth   C worthy   D valuable

391 I asked myneighbor to ___ my garden when I was away.

A lookafter   B look over    C look in   D look to

392 If it ___too much trouble, I’d love a cup of tea.

A isn’t   B wasn’t     C weren’t    D hadn’t been

393 It was ___a great extent his own fault.

Ato     B in    C of    D on

394 It iswell-known that the retired workers in our county are ___ free medical care.

A entitledto    B involved in    C associatedwith   D assigned to

395 Theaccident ____ him of his sight and the use of his legs.

Aexcluded   B disabled    Cdeprived     D gripped

396 I left foroffice earlier than usual this morning ___ traffic jam.

A in linewith   B for the sake of    

C in caseof    D at the risk of

397 It is wellknown that knowledge is the ___ condition for expansion of mind.

Aincompatible   B incredible    Cindefinite    D indispensable

398 ___ as itwas at such a time, his work attracted much attention.

A Beingpublished       B Published

CPublishing            DTo be published

399 At first,the speaker was referring to the problem of pollution in the country, buthalfway in her speech, she suddenly ___ to another subject.

Acommitted   B switched    C favored   Dtransmitted

400 Jean doesn’twant to work right away because she thinks that is she ____ a job she probablywouldn’t be able to see her friends very often.

A has toget    B were to get    C hadgot    D could have got

401 In theadvanced course students must take performance tests at monthly ___.

Agaps    B intervals   C length   D distance

402 Doctorssometimes ____ old cures when modern medicine doesn’t work.

A fallon   B fall down on    C fall backon    D fall in upon

403 He’swatching TV? He’s ____ to be cleaning his room.

Aknown   B supposed   C regarded    Dconsidered

404 He does not___ as a teacher of English as his pronunciation is terrible.

Aequal     B match    Cqualify     D fit

405 Experts saywalking is one of the best ways for a person to ___ healthy.

Apreserve   B stay   Cmaintain      D reserve

406 It pays____ to buy goods of high quality.

A in the longrun    B in the short run

C at arun          D on the run

407 The goals___ he had fought all his life no longer seemed important to him.

A afterwhich     B for which   C with which  D at which

408 His articleis better than ____ in the class.

A anyone’selse         B anyone else’s

C anyone’s else’s      D anyone else’s

409 He has ___various adventures.

A passedfor       B passed through    

C passedaway     D passed down

410 All ___all, 1987 was a relatively quiet year in his life.

Aon   B from    C in   D at

411 Please letme know if any difficulties ____.

Aarise   B find   C come    D happen

412 Heunderwent four ____ operations in two weeks.

Aexcessive   B extensive   Cintensive     D successive

413 He movedaway from his parents, and missed them ___ enjoy the exciting life in New York.

A enoughto    B too much to   C very much to   Dmuch so as to

414 She isunder the ____ of selling all her jewels.

Anecessary   B nervousness    Cnonsense    D necessity

415 He wasn’tallowed to go to the club because he wasn’t a ____.

Arepresentative   B partner   C friend    Dmember

416 The ____coat of a leopard is a kind of precious material for sewing an overcoat.

Adirty     B spotted    C marked  D stained

417 “To say isone thing, and to do is another.” ____ the old saying goes.

Alike    B as    C for    D with

418 In view____ rising labor cost, many companies have turned to automation.

Aof    B to   C for    D that

419 It will besafer to walk the streets because people will not need to carry large amountsof cash; virtually all financial ___ will be conducted by computer.

Atransactions         B transmissions  

Ctransitions          Dtransformations

420 Moststudents have ____ for those who cheat in exams.

Ashock    B scorn     Csorrow    D shame

421 ___ theclaim about German economic might, it is somewhat surprising how relativelysmall the German economy actually is.

A Togive    B Given      CGiving    D Having given

422 In somecountries, ____ is called “equality” does not really mean equal rights for allpeople.

Awhich    B one      Cthat    D what

423 If I hadremembered ____ the window, the thief would not have got in.

A toclose   B closing    C to haveclosed    D having closed

424 I’m ___ thedark about their marriage.

Aduring      B in     Cthrough    D among

425 The cows___ over the fields eating grass.

Awander    B wonder    C move     Dremove

426 I didn’tquite ____ to what you had said. Would you mind repeating it?

A catchon    B get hold     C catchup      D go on

427 Hudson said he could not kill a living thing except for the ___ of hunger.

Asensation    B cause      C purpose     D motive

428 If only thecommittee ___ the regulations and put them into effect as soon as possible.

Aapprove    B will approve    C canapprove   D would approve

429 Helen wasmuch kinder to her youngest child than she was to the others, ___, of course,made the others jealous.

Awho    B that    C what    D which

430 The exam isnot difficult, ____ everyone will pass it.

Athough   B so    C yet     D but

431 Codes are away f writing something in secret; ___, anyone who doesn’t know the code will motbe able to read it.

A thatis     B worse still    C inshort     D on the other hand

432 So-calledintelligent behavior demands memory, remembering being a primary ___ forreasoning.

Aresource    B resolution    Crequirement     D response

433 Peleis ___one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Athought     B regarded     Cconsidered    D believed

434 He was ____of having asked such a silly question.

Asorry      B guilty    Cashamed     D miserable

435 During Julyand August there was no rain for weeks ___.

A in theend   B in all    C on end    D on theverge

436 It’s time___ about the traffic problem downtown.

A something wasdone      B everything is done

C anything willbe done     D nothing to be done

437 He works ina sugar ___.

A refinement   B refinery    C reflection    D reflector

438 The company___ a rise in salary for ages, but nothing has happened yet.

A ispromised         B has beenpromising    

C is promising       D promised

439 Theequipment needs a ____ of water while working.

Abody   B mass    C supply    D number

440 I will not___ my children be treated in such a way.

Apermit    B admit    Callow     D let

441 He said hecouldn’t attend the lecture this evening because he had a(n) ___ with Mary, thegirl whom he had dreamed of for a long time.

Adate    B appointment     Cinterview     D encounter

442 It is quitenecessary for a qualified teacher to have good manners and ____ knowledge.

Aextensive    B expansive     Cintensive    D expensive

443 In manycultures people who were thought to have the ability to ___ dreams were likelyto be highly respected.

Ainterpret    B intervene     Cinherit     D impart

444 It’susually the case that people seldom behave in a ___ way when in a furiousstate.

Astable       B rational    Clegal     D credible

445 It makes mesick to think of his highly ___ manners.

Aartistic    B artful    Cartless     D artificial

446 As asalesman, he works on a(n) ___ basis, taking 10% of everything he sells.

Aincome    B commission      Csalary    D pension

447 He ___ whenthe bus came to a sudden stop.

A was almosthurt        B was hurt himself

C was to hurthimself     D was hurting himself

448 He showedthe doctor the place ___ he felt the pain.

Athat    B when    C which    Dwhere

449 The boyslipped out of the room and headed for the swimming pool without his parents’____.

Acommand    B conviction    Cconsent     D compromise

450 Some peopleviewed the findings with caution, noting that a cause-and-effect relationshipbetween passive smoking and cancer remains ___.

A to beshown             Bto have shown    

C to have beenshown       D being shown

451 It wasdifficult to guess what her ___ to the news would be.

Areaction    B impression    Ccomment    D opinion

452 finding ajob in such a big company has always been ___ his wildest dreams.

Aunder    B over     Cabove      D beyond

453 He failedto carry out some of the provisions of the contract, and now he has to ___ theconsequences.

A answerfor    B run into    C abide by   D step into

454 It ispolitely requested by the hotel management that radios ___ after 11 o’clock atnight.

A were notplayed     B not to play

C not beplayed       D did not play

455 A goodteacher must know how to ___ his ideas.

Aconvey      B display      Cconsult     D confront

456 ____conventional black ink costs newspaper about thirty cents a pound, mostrub-resistant inks add at least ten cents more to the bill.

AWhile    B Furthermore    CMeanwhile    D Moreover

457 I supposewe all make fools of ourselves ___ times.

Afrom     B in     Cafter    D at

458 Recently anumber of cases have been reported of young children ___ a violent actpreviously seen on television.

Amodifying   B stimulating    Caccelerating    D duplicating

459 Afterperforming a successful operation, the doctor at last pulled the patient ___.

Aback    B in    C up    D through

460 Thedistance between Shanghai and Beijing is ____.

Alarge    B far     C vast   D considerable

461 He ___ in Japan as he left by boat last month.

A ought toarrive    B ought to have arrived

C shouldarrive      D must arrive

462 The managergave one of the salesgirls an accusing look for her ___ attitude towardcustomers.

Aimpartial    B mild    C hostile   Dopposing

463 “I’d likeyou to ___ me some clothes.” said the customer.

Ashow     B see     Cexplain   D provide

464 He wasamazed at  ___ he saw.

Athat    B what    C which    Dwhom

465 At theparty we found that shy girl ___ her mother all the time.

A dependingon             Bcoinciding with  

C adheringto              D clinging to

466 Have youanything to say ___ the proposal?

A with regardto     B in contrast to

C on behalfof       D for the purpose of

467 How can you___ his doing it that way?

A tolerant     B tolerate    C tolerable    D tolerance

468 Had heworked harder, he ___ the exams.

A must have gotthrough           B wouldhave got through

C would getthrough             D could get through

469 My ___ istoo weak for pork.

Adigestion    B dignity    C dimension   D dilemma

470 ___ foryour help, we’d never have been able to get over the difficulties.

A Had itnot            B If itwere not  

C Had it notbeen        D If we had not been

471 In myopinion, you can widen the ___of these improvements through your activeparticipation.

Adimension    B volume    Cmagnitude    D scope

472 Shopassistants should do their test ___ to give the customers satisfaction.

Aendurance    B endowment    Cendeavors    D engagements

473 ___ is thecenter of our planetary system was a difficult concept to grasp in the MiddleAge.

A It is the sunand not the earth

B Being the sunand not the earth

C The sun andnot the earth

D That the sunand not the earth

474 I have keptthat portrait ___ I can see it every day, as it always reminds me of myuniversity days in London.

Awhich   B where    C whether    D when

475 Her throatis so sore that she has ___ her voice.

Alost   B missed    C broken   D failed

476 Importantpeople don’t often have much free time as their work ___ all their time.

A takesaway    B takes over    C takesin    D takes up

477 “Not untilscience became prominent ___ be abolished”, some people argue.

A did slaverycometo             B slavery to

C had slaverycometo             D that slavery came to

478 Mr. Brownhad us ___ reports all afternoon.

Awrite    B written    C towrite    D to be writing

479 In the pastmen generally preferred that their wives ___ in the home.

Aworked    B work    C wouldwork    D were working

480 I want tobuy a new tie to ___ this brown suit.

A gointo    B go after   C go with   D go by

481 My cameracan be ___ to take pictures in cloudy or sunnyconditions.    

Atreated    B adjusted    Cadopted    D remedied

482 She did notcome back home after midnight, ___ turned her parents very upset and angry.

Awhich    B that   C who   D what

483 Jim is so____ after injuring his leg that he has great difficulty in walking.

Ahurt    B lame   C wounded   D uncomfortable

484 He doesnothing that ____ the interests of the collective.

A runsfor   B runs against   C runs over    D runsinto

485 As anexcellent shooter, Peter practiced aiming at both ___ targets and movingtargets.

Astationary    B standing    C stable  D still

486 She was ___for news of her children.

A known   B thirsty   C good    D thoughtful

487 Bob wascompletely ___ by the robber’s disguise.

A takenaway    B taken down   C taken to   D takenin

488 In onescene of Modern Times Charlie Chaplin was shown trying ____ to keep in timewith a rapid assembly line.

Aaimlessly   B violently   C hardly    Ddesperately

489 All thecommunists ____ the people instead of being served by the people.

A are supposedto serve       B are opposed to serving

C are subjectedto serving      D object to serving

490 A man escapedfrom the prison last night. It was a long time ___ the guards discovered whathad happened.

Abefore    B until    C since   D when

491 ___ we havefinished the course, we shall start doing more revision work.

A Fornow    B Now that    C Ever since   DBy now

492 Silver isthe best conductor of electricity, copper ___ it closely.

Afollowed    B following    C tofollow    D being followed

493 In spring,traffic was often ___ along the roads to holiday places.

A addedup   B built up   C held up   D pulled up

494 I have a___ belief in his honesty.

Adetermined     B firm   C certain   Dpowerful

495 He oftensat in a small bar drinking considerably more than ___.

A he was ingood health    B his health was good

C his goodhealth was      D was good for his health

496 On turningthe corner, we saw the road ____ steeply.

Adeparting   B descending    Cdecreasing    D depressing

497 Mark oftenattempts to escape ___ whenever he breaks traffic regulations.

A having beenfined    B to have been fined

C beingfined          D to be fined

498 During the___ farmers took all the troubles to irrigate their crops.

Adraught    B naught    C fraught   Ddrought

499 InScotland, as in the rest of the United Kingdom, ___ schooling begins at age 5and ends at age 16.

Acompelling    B forced   C obliged    Dcompulsory

500 The engine___ smoke and steam.

A givesup   B gives in    C give away   D gives off

501 Stressfulenvironments lead to unhealthy behaviors such as poor eating habits, which ___increase the risk of heart disease.

A inturn   B by chance    C in return    Dby turns

502 I triedvery hard to persuade him to join our group but I met with a flat ___.

Adisapproval    B rejection    Crefusal    D decline

503 Mr. Johnsonpreferred ___ heavier work to do.

A to begiven   B to be giving   C to have given   Dhaving given

504 The boyfell in front of the car but fortunately the driver stopped ___ time.

Aon   B at   C with   D in

505 How closeparents are to their children ___ a strong influence on the character of thechildren.

Ahas    B have   C having    D to have

506 Have you afunny ____ or unusual experience that you would like to share?

Aamusement    B incident    C accident  D section

507 Since hewas involved in the case, the court ___ his appearance.

Arequested     B asked     Crequired    D solicited

508 After ____for the job, you will be required to take a language test.

A beinginterviewed    B interviewed

Cinterviewing        D having interviewed

509 ___ all thedifficulties, she finished the project by herself.

A Asfor    B In spite    CBesides     D Despite

510 Most nursesare women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are in a___.

Ascarcity   B shortage   C minimum    Dminority

511 Most goodwriters use every means ___ to make the reader’s way smooth and easy.

A at theirdisposal      B at their request

C at theirwill          D at theirconvenience

512 It’s no use___ me not to worry.

A youtell                B your telling  

C for you tohave told       D having told

513 In theexperiment we kept a watchful eye ___ the developments and recorded e3verydetail.

Ain    B at   C for    D on

514 Don’t ___this news to the public until we give you the g0-ahead.

Arelease   B relieve   C relate    D retain

515 Some oldpeople don’t like pop songs because they can’t ___ so much noise.

Aresist    B sustain    Ctolerate    D undergo

516 In myfather’s ____, it is no use reading without thinking.

Aidea    B mind    C opinion    Dthought

517Difficulties can ___ a person’s best qualities.

A bringup    B bring out    C bring about   Dbring to

518 he asked usif we would ____ to share a room.

Aconsider    B approve    Caccept    D agree

519 John andhis brother are not at all ____.

Asame     B similar    C equal   D alike

520 On knowingthat his novel won the Pulitzer Prize, his friends held a big party ____.

A in hisglory   B in his honor   C for his glory   D forhis honor

521 At a pressconference after the award ceremony, the 18-year-old girl spoke in a barely ___voice.

Aaudible    B optional     Clegible    D identical

522 His returnfrom abroad will have great ___ on the political world.

Aimpact    B impasse    Cimpartiality    D implement

523 ____ theadvances of science, the discomforts of old age will no doubt always be withus.

A Asfor     B Despite    C Except   DBesides

524 He ____ onmaking an early start.

Aresolved      B revolved   Csolved    D dissolved

525 My daughteris quite well now, ____ a slight headache.

Abesides     B except    C beside  D except for

526 Afterhaving gone ___ far, George did not want to turn back.

A enough    B much    C such   D that

527 Doing yourhomework is a sure way to improve your test scores and this is especially true___ it comes to classroom tests.

Awhen   B since    C before   D after

528 Afriendship may be ____, casual, situational or deep and lasting.

Aidentical    B original    Csuperficial    D critical

529 He made a____ of his life by drinking too much.

Amess     B mass     C permission    Dmessage

530 I don’tthink this room will be big enough to ___ all the guests.

Acontain     B hold      Ckeep     D swallow

531 People ___that vertical flight transports would carry millions of passengers as do theairliners of today.

Aconvinced    B anticipated    Cresolved    D assured

532 It is noteasy to learn English well, but if you ___, you will succeed in the end.

A hangup    B hang about    C hang on   D hang onto

533 After theexplosion, the factory was a ___ of total confusion.

A situation   B scene     C view     D show

534 The houseis ___ outside but inside its condition is poor.  

A in goodconditions        B in good condition

C on goodconditions       D on good condition

535 Childrenare ___ to have some accidents as they grow up.

Aobvious      B indispensable     Cbound    D doubtless

536 It ispretty obvious that more than one person has ___ this affair.

A laid a handon             Bhad a hand in

C got the upperhand of       D got into the hands of

537 He was anexcellent writer and was able to express his ideas ___.

Aclearly    B mainly   C surely   Drerpeatedly

538 Everysociety has its own peculiar customs and ___ of acting.

Aways    B behavior       Cattitudes    D means

539 One moretry, ____ you will succeed.

A or    B but      C so      D and

540 Grace ____tears when she heard the sad news.

A brokein    B broke into    C brokeoff    D broke through

541 Strict ___is observed in connection with depositors’ accounts.

Asection     B secrecy     Csecurity    D segregation

542 Mr. Wilsonsaid that he did not want to ___ any further responsibilities.

A takeon     B get on    C putup     D look up

543 The governmenthas established a new rule to punish those who kill wild animals underprotection so as to keep ___ balance.

Apsychological    B biological   Cecological    D physiological  

544 Such aridiculous opinion is not difficult to ____.

Aanswer   B reject     Cdecline     D refute

545 I wish yourmother a quick ___.

Arecreation     B record     C recovery    D recompense

546 I wasalways taught that it was ___ to interrupt.

Arude     B coarse    Crough    D crude

547 A man hasto make ____ for his old age by putting aside enough money to live on when old.

Asupply     B assurance    Cprovision     D adjustment

548 Men’snever-ceasing ___ for knowledge continues to broaden our understanding of theearth’s atmosphere.

Arequest    B quest    Cinvestigation     D research

549 Please comeand help me with this form because I don’t know how to ____ it.

A setabout   B set off    C set aside    Dset up

550 Everychemical change either results from energy being used to produce the change, orcauses energy to be _____ in some form.

A givenoff  B put out  C set off  D used up

551 In spite ofSpanish origin, Brazil also has certain things which make her ____.

Aspecific   B distinguished    Cspecialized    D distinctive

552 Mary ____my letter, otherwise she would have replied before now.

A hasreceived              B couldn’t have received  

C ought to havereceived       D shouldn’t have received  

553 He isholding a  _______ position in the company and expects to be promotedsoon.

Asubordinate    B succeeding    Csuccessive    D subsequent

554 Fruitpickers are paid at the _____ of $ 4.00 an hour.                        

Arate      B scale    Csum     D value

555 His roomwas in an indescribable ____.

Amerit    B mercy    C mass    Dmess

556 ____ weneed to complete the construction is two million dollars.

A Allwhat    B That all      CThat    D What

557 The ____ offinding gold in California were good in the 1840’s.

Aproposals    B promised    Cprospects    D privileges

558 ____ theflood, the ship would have reached its destination on time.

A In caseof   B In spite of    C Because of    DBut for

559 Housewiveswho do not gout to work often feel they ar not working to their full ___.

Acapacity   B strength    C length   Dpossibility

560 One way forwriters to support a point is through ____, that is, by means of severalexamples to back up an idea.

Aillustration         Bdemonstration  

Cexplanation        D interpretation  

561 Except on official ___ such as formalreceptions, American society has a certain amount of informality.

A cases     Bsituations     C conditions     Doccasions

562 ____ onetime, Manchester was the home of the most productive cotton mills in the world.

AOn   B By    C At     D Of

563 Of the twoT-shirts, I chose ____.

A the lessexpensive     B the one least expensive

C the leastexpensive    D the least expensive of them

564 I don’tdoubt ___ the plan will be well-conceived.

Athat    B why    C whether    Dwhen

565 ___, Henrywashed the cup and put it away.

A Havingdrinking the coffee   B Drinking the coffee

C Having drunkthe coffee     D After drunk the coffee

566 Columbus’ decision to sail west to reach the East ___ on his belief that the earth wasround.

Aexisted    B sat     Crelaxed    D rested

567 He gave abrief ___ of the history of the university before the opening of theconference.

Areference    B statement   C account   D comment

568 All thingsare interrelated with and interact ___ each other.

Afrom    B on    Cin      D down

569 in the Persian Gulf area, oil is found in ___ and its production has been able to keep up withworld demand.

A elaboration   B abundance    C elegance    D efficiency

570 Oh, what anuisance! It ___ so easy for me to bring those photographs I wanted to showyou, and I have left them on the table at home.

A would havebeen    B had been     C wouldbe    D was

571 ____ in thedark, his head hit against the wall.

AWalking                  B His walking    

C When he waswalking        D While walking

572 As ___announced in today’s papers, the Shanghai Export Commodities Fair is also openon Sundays.

Abeing    B is    C to be    D been

573 Does it ___to let little children play with fireworks?

A makeclear     B make sure     C makeout    D make sense

574 Because hewas ___ of the new limit, he was stopped and warned for speeding.

Aignorant    B accustomed   C reluctant   D pathetic

575 She hadclearly no ____ of doing any work, although she was very well paid.

Atendency    B ambition    C intention  D willingness

576 Freshvegetables are straight from the ____ and raw vegetables are ____.

A earth,cooked        B soil, uncooked

C floor,cooked        D ground, uncooked

577 He did notfind a job yet because he had no access ___ men who could help him.

Afor    B with    C in    D to

578 Theinsurance company paid him $ 10, 000 in ___ after his accident.

A installment       B compensation    

Csubstitution       D commission

579 Theeducation ____ for the coming year is about $ 4 billion, which is much morethan what people expected.

Aallowance    B reservation    Cbudget    D finance

580 faced withthe ___ difficulties, they are determined to carry on their program.

Asatisfactory   B attributable    Cinnocent    D intangible

581 ___ you assoon as I know what ___.

A I’ll phone,does happen    B I’ll phone, had happened

C I am phoning,happens     D I ma going to phone, happens

582 Can youhave your report ___ tomorrow?

Afinish   B finished    C to finish    Dfinishing

583 Theastronauts soon got used to the ____ of weightlessness.

Acondition    B problem     Cplace    D environment

584 Ted hadtold me that he always escapes ___ as he has got a very fast sports car.

A havingfined    B fining   C being fined    Dto have been fined

585 He was veryangry and ___ the letter.

A torearound    B tore down   C tore up    Dtore off

586 I wish I___ to swim when I ___ younger.

A were taught,had been    B had been taught, was

C was taught,was         D had been taught, had been

587 It’s hardwork. I enjoy it, ____.

Athough   B although    C but    D that

588 A love marriage,however, does not necessarily ___ much sharing of interests and responsibilities.

A takeover    B result in    C holdon    D keep to

589 I am sorrythat I must ___ your invitation owing to a previous appointment.

Adecline   B reject     C accept   D receive

590 Mrs. Brownis supposed ___ for Italy last week.

A to haveleft    B to be leaving   C to leave   D to have been left

591 She wasglad that her success would ___ for the women who would follow.

A make thingseasier     B make it easier

C beeasier            D be easier to make

592 If John ___to work hard, he would succeed.

Ashould    B had    Cwould       D were

593 Do what youthink is right, ____ they say.

Ahowever    B no matter how    Cwhichever     D whatever

594 I know itis not important, but I can’t help ___ about it.

Athink   B to think    C thinking    Dto thinking

595 “Here isthe money I promised,” he said, “I always ___ my promise.”

Aagree   B follow   C make    D keep

596 Afternegotiation, the two countries ___ the terms of peace.

A agreedwith    B agreed in    C agreedto    D agreed on

597 I likewatching TV ___ to the cinema.

A more than togo      B than going

C rather thanto go     D more than going

598 Don’tworry. The company will ___ all your expense.

Asatisfy   B meet    C pay     Dsubmit

599 Our researchhas focused on a drug which is so ___ as to be able to change brain chemistry.

Apowerful   B influential    Cmonstrous    D vigorous

600 At themoment there are a lot more ___ to be filled in the company.

Avariations     B vacuums     C vacations     D vacancies

601 I had nosooner closed the door ___ somebody started knocking on it.

Aas    B before    C than    D when

602 I had juststarted back for the house to change may clothes ____ I heard voices.

Aas   B when    C after   D while

603 A personwho makes wise decisions has ___.

A a goodbrain        B a good intention

C goodjudgment     D good imagination

604 The company___ the chairman’s new plan.

Aadopted    B took    C agreed   Delected

605 He saidnothing at all, but his eyes spoke ___ him.

Afor    B up    C out    D against

606 In spit ofthe wide range of reading material specially written or ___ for languagelearning purposes, there is yet no comprehensive systematic program for thereading skills.

A adapted    B acknowledged   C assembled    D appointed

607 His health___ with age.

Adeteriorated    B determined   Cdetected    D detained

608 Mrs. Greenhas been living in town for only one year, yet she seems to be ___ witheveryone who comes to the store.

Aaccepted   B admitted    C admired    Dacquainted

609 I’m sureyour suggestion will ___ the problem.

A contribute tosolving      B be contributed to solve

C contribute tosolve        D be contributed to solving

610 If you want___ you have to get the fund somewhere.

A that the jobis done    B the job done

C to have donethe job       D the job that is done

611 Charles hasnot the least ___ of giving up his research.

Aintention   B decision    Cidea     D hope

612 I shallhave a companion in the house after all these ___ years.

Asingle   B sole   C alone    D lonely

613 One of the requirementsfor a fire is that the material ___ to its burning temperature.

A isheated   B will be heated    C be heated   Dwould be heated

614 If theUnited States had built more homes for poor people in 1955, the housingproblems now in some parts of the country ___ so serious.

A wouldn’tbe    B wouldn’t have been

C will notbe     D would have not been

615 The joys oftravel, having long ___ the disabled, are opening up to virtually anyone whohas the means.

Aomitted   B neglected   C missed    Ddiscarded

616 Nobody ___that something was wrong at that time.

Acommented   B committed   C noticed   D expressed

617 A drunk manwalked in, ___ both in appearance and odor.

Arepulsive    B reluctant    Creproachful    D reputed

618 All ourattempts to ___ the child from drowning were in vain.

Aregain     B recover      Creserve     D rescue

619 Sometimesvery young children have trouble ___ fact from fiction and may believe thatsuch things actually exist.

A forseparating            B to separate    

C havingseparated          D separating

620 One feels___ when one reads a dull story.

Aexhausted   B bored    Cuninteresting    D tiresome

621 He is ___the run from the police.

Ain    B off    C on     Dafter

622 Bill alwaysdoes ___ he pleases, without regard to the feelings of others.

Ahowever    B that    C whatever   D which

623 ____ quiterecently, most mothers in Britain did not take paid work outside the home.

AUntil     B Before    CFrom    D Since

624 He pointedout that the living standard of urban and ___ people continued to improve.

Aremote    B municipal    Crural    D provincial

625 It appears___ first thought absurd.

Ain    B at    C on     D to

626 He ____meant to give his opinion, not to start an argument.

Asafely   B freely    C simply    D fairly

627 Scarcelyhad we settled ourselves in our seats in the theatre ____ the curtain went up.

Athen    B when   C as    D after

628 I cannotgive you ____ for the type of car you sell because there is no demand for it inthe market.

A anexpense    B a charge    C apurchase    D an order

629 He was here___ the stroke.

Ain   B on   C with    D to

630 Jane wasadvised that she ____ singing lessons.

Atake   B will take    C had taken    Dtook

631 He spokeconfidently, ____ impressed me most.

A sothat   B that    C it    D which

632 From thismaterial we can ___ hundreds of what you may call direct products.

Aderive    B discern   C diminish    Ddisplace

633 Never in mylife ____ a TV program so much.

A I haveenjoyed      B have I enjoyed

C Ienjoyed          D do I enjoy

634 Last yearthe advertising rate ___ by 20 percent.

Araised    B aroused      Carose       D rose

635 Only underspecial circumstances ____ to take make-up tests.

A are freshmenpermitted          B freshmen arepermitted

C permitted arefreshmen          D are permittedfreshmen

636 I will notspend so much money on that fur coat, for I don’t think it is ____.

A worthbuying    B worth to buy

C worthybuying   D worthy of buy

637 Thebuildings are ____ by the surrounding hills.

Adwelled     B dwindled    Cduplicated    D dwarfed

638 His fathertold him to ____ the meat well before swallowing it.

Achew    B taste    C eat    D bite

639 Of the thousandsof known volcanoes in the world, the ___ majority are inactive.

Atremendous   B demanding   C intensive    Doverwhelming

640 The man whois truly educated, ____ narrowly trained, is ready for anything.

A morethan    B less than    C rather than   D mo other than

641 I won’t goto Japan next month, and _____.

A he won’tneither            Bneither he will

C neither won’the            D neitherwill he

642 Althoughthe main characters in the novel are so true to life, they are entirely ____.

Aimaginary   B imaginative    C imagined   d imaginable

643 I ___ thisbook in a secondhand bookstore on Nanjing Road.

A cameinto   B came about    C came round   C cameacross]

644 Don’t trustthat fellow. He’ll take you ___ if he gets the chance.

A down    B over        C away    D in

645 After along and exhausting journey, they arrived ____.

A till thelast    B at last   C by the end    Dat the end

646 The bombwill ____ the moment it is touched.

A goon   B go out   C go off    D go over

647 The man inthe corner confessed to ___ a les to the manager of the company.

A havetold    B be told    C beingtold    D having told

648 It is acommon theme in many science stories that the world may one day be ____ byinsects.

A brokenin    B run over    C takenover    D filled in

649 I think____ he said is right.

Awho   B what   C that    D which

650 I shouldlike to rent a house, modern, comfortable and ___ in a quiet neighborhood.

A all inall     B above all     C afterall     D over all

651 He is anartist with seemingly unlimited ____.

Acreativity   B creature    Ccreation    D creative

652 Jean didnot have time to go to the concert last night because she was busy ____ for herexamination.

A toprepare     B to be prepared

Cpreparing      D being prepared

653 The baby iscrying! Will you ___ while I prepare his milk?

A look forhim       B look after him

C care forhim       D care about him]

654 ___ such agood chance, he planned to learn more.

A To begiven           B Having beengiven    

C Havinggiven         D Giving

655 Freezing isat present one of the important methods of ___ meats and vegetables.

Aobserving   B deserving    Cpreserving    D reserving

656 By movingthe radar beam around slowly in circles, we can ___ the surroundings.

Aexplore    B expose   C exploit    Dexpand

657 The girlwas ____ a shop assistant; she is now a manager in a large department store.

Apreliminarily   B presumably      Cformally    D formerly

658 I hope myteacher will take my recent illness into ____ when judging my examination.

Aaccount    B counting    Cregard     D observation

659 A neatletter improves your chances of a favorable ____.

Acircumstance    B request    Creception    D response

660 Be here onFriday ___ the latest.

Aat    B by    C for    D in

661 He stood onthe ____ of the river, looking down into the river.

Abank    B line   C coast    D border

662 He said theclub was very ___ for the members’ help and support.

Awelcome   B pleasant     Cwilling     D grateful

663 The car costs____ the other one.

A as muchover  B as much to  C as much more as   D as much as

664 He hasnever visited the town ___ he was born.

Awhere    B which     C on which  D that

665 Her novels___ most of the middle school students.

A appealfor    B apply for    C appealto    D apply on

666 His stomachbegan to ___ because of the bad food he had eaten.

Apain    B ache   C harm    D be hurt

667 In order tostrengthen his arguments, Toffler ____ respectable social scientists who agreewith him.

A recites  B confirms   C quotes     D convinces

668 His officeis on the third ___ of the building.

Aflat    B floor    C ground    Dlayer

669 The birds___ at the firing of the gun.

Ascattered    B moved     Cseparated     D acted

670 ____conflict among city-states caused the eventual decline of Greek civilization.

AContinuous    B Continual    CConstant    D Contrary

671 Carefulsurveys have indicated that as many as 50 percent of patients do not take drugs___ directed.

Alike    B so   C which    D as

672 Jack isgood, kind, hard-working and intelligent; ____, I can’t speak too highly ofhim.

A as aresult    B in a word   C by the way   D on the contrary

673 He was ____enough to understand my questions from the gestures, I made.

Aintelligent    B efficient    Cproficient   D diligent

674 Theatmosphere is as much a part of the earth as ___ its soil and the water of itslakes, rivers and oceans.

Aare      B is    C do   D has

675 It isrecommended that the project ___ until all the preparations have been made.

A not bestarted        B will not be started

C is notstarted         D is not to be started

676 ____ mancan now create radioactive elements, there is nothing he can do to reduce theirradioactivity.

AAs    B Whether   C While    D Now that

677 Thedictionary is very ____ and sells very well.

Apopular    B detail    C careful   Dsimple

678 She wastrying ____ by the teacher in class.

A avoidingquestioning            Bavoiding to question

C to avoidbeing questioned        D to avoid questioning

679 I was ___by their kindness and moved to tears.

Apreoccupied   B embarrassed   Coverwhelmed    D counseled

680 It can beconcluded that science education has reached a new ___ of development.

Agrade   B class    C standard    Dstage

681 Iappreciate ____ to your home.

A to beinvited        B to have invited

C beinginvited       D having invited

682 As theplane was getting ready to take off, we all ____ our seat belt.

Atied    B locked    C fastened   D closed

683 Among themany subjects in school, mathematics is probably the most ____, depending leasto a student’s background and culture.

Auniversal    B abstract    Carbitrary    D concrete

684 Indeveloping countries people are ____ into overcrowded cities in great numbers.

A breaking   B filling     C pouring     D hurrying

685 If webelieve something is good and true we should ___ to it.

A holdup    B keep on   C hold on     Dkeep up

686 One of hiseyes was injured in an accident, but after a ____ operation, he quicklyrecovered his sight.

Aprecise    B considerate    Cdelicate    D sensitive

687 Althoughmost dreams apparently happen ___, dream activity may be provoked by externalinfluences.

Aspontaneously            B simultaneously    

Chomogeneously           D instantaneously

688 He wouldhonor her for at last ___ a decent stand.

Akeeping    B having    C taking   D making

689 Not ____,the process of choosing names varies widely from culture to culture.

Aobviously   B surprisingly    Cparticularly    D normally

690 Johnregretted ___ to the meeting last week.

A notgoing                B not to go

C not havingbeen going      D not to be going

691 If you knowwhat the trouble is, why don’t you help them to ____ the situation?

Asimplify   B modify    C verify   D rectify

692 Freemedical treatment in this country covers sickness of mind as well as ____sicknesses.

Anormal     b ordinary   Caverage    D regular

693 ____whether he will come or not.

A There is notelling         B There is not telling

C There is tellingnot        D There is not to tell

694 He wentahead ____ all warnings about the danger of his mission.

A in caseof     B because of    C regardlessof     D prior to

695 Jim isn’t____, but he did badly in the final exams last semester.

Agloomy      B dull     Cawkward    D tedious

696 If I takethis medicine twice a day, it should ___ my cold.

Aheal       B cure    Ctreat      D recover

697 Mr. Morgancan be very sad ___, thought in public he is extremely cheerful.

A byhimself    B in person    C inprivate     D as individual

698 Some peopleeither ___ avoid questions of right and wrong or remain neural about them.

Aviolently    B enthusiastically   Csincerely    D deliberately

699 Sometimespatients suffering from severe pain can be helped by “drugs” that aren’t reallydrugs at all ___ sugar polls that contain no active chemical elements.

A orrather    B rather than     C butrather     D other than

700 Jane was___ jam on a piece of bread.

Acovering    B spreading    Cputting    D patting

701 Hamlet ___his father’s death on his uncle.

Areversed     B reverted     Crevenged    D revealed

702 Fiveminutes earlier, ____ we could have caught the last train.

Aand    B but    C or     D so

703Competition, they believe, ___ the national character rather than corruptit.  

Aenforces    B confirms    Cintensifies    D strengthens

704 Parentshave a legal ___ to ensure that their children are provided with efficienteducation suitable to their age.

Aimpulse    B obligation    Cinfluence   D sympathy

705 It was inthe park ___ Jane met your sister yesterday.

Awhere    B which    C when    Dthat

706 It’sreported that by the end of this month the output of cement in the factory ___by about 10%.

A will haverisen               B has risen

C will berising                D has been rising

707 The fifthgeneration computers, with artificial intelligence, ___ and perfectednow.    

Adeveloped             B have developed

C are beingdeveloped      D will have been developed

708 If Tom winstomorrow, he ___ thirty races in the past four years.

A willwin              B has won

C would havewon        D will have won

709 All ___remains for me to do is to say good-bye.

Athat     B /      Cwhat        D which

710 The ____the doctor faced was whether he should tell the truth to the patient.

Adilemma     B digestion     Cdiploma     D disgust

711 Her facewas  ___ by rage.

Adistracted     B distinguished     Cdistorted    D distressed

712 David likescountry life and has decided to ___ farming.

A get alongwith    B go back on

C get holdof       D go in for

713 No longerare contributions to computer technology confined to any one county; ___ isthis more true than in Europe.

Ahardly     B little    Cseldom     D nowhere

714 He used examplesto ____ his argument.

Astrengthen      B increase    Cfix    D underline

715 I guess therain ___ by tomorrow noon.

A will bestopping         B will have stopped

C willstop               D will have been stopped

716 Eve though I’musually ___, I can’t wait for you any longer.

Apatient   B particular     C pleasant       D perfect

717 He hastried everything but it made little ____.

Aeffect    B difference    Coutcome     D result

718 I made alittle house for my dog to give him ____.

A shelter   B home     Cshelf          D room

719 ____ it ornot, his discovery has created a stir in scientific circles.

ABelieve    B To believe    CBelieving    D Believed

720 Aftermaking a great effort, we finally ___ the plan.

A carriedon    B carried out    C carriedoff    D carried over

721 John seemsa nice person. ___, I don’t trust him.

A Eventhough    B Even so    CTherefore       D Though

722 The doctor____ her operation with X-rays and special exercises to make her foot stronger.

A followed out          B followed up    

C followedafter          D followed through

723 In general,the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth of thetotal ___ for living expenses.

Aacceptable    B available    Cadvisable    D applicable

724 “We’relate. The play has started.”

“I wonder how long ago ____.”

A did itbegin           B it began

C was itbeginning      D it has begun

725 ____, thestory of snow White appeals to many adult readers, too.

A Though itwritten for children    B Though written for children

C Though forchildren written      D It was written for children

726 The GreatPyramid ____ nearly five thousand years ago is located on the west bank of the Nile River.

Abuilt    B was built    Cbuilding    D was building

727 In yourfirst days at school you’ll be given a test to help the teachers to ___ you toa class at your level.

Alocate    B assign   C deliver    Dplace

728 Only oneaccident has happened ___ the last three years.

Afor    B at    C since    D during

729 Far frombeing single, he is now ___ with a wife and children.

Aencouraged   B encumbered   C encountered   Dencompassed

730 In myopinion, penicillin is one of ___ effective medicines ever invented by ____.

A most, aman        B a most, man    

C most, theman      D the most, man

731 Some of themost important concepts in physics ___ their success to these mathematicalsystems

aoblige    B contribute   C devote    Dattribute

732 If theseshoes are too big, ask the clerk to bring you a smaller___.

Asuit    B set    C one    D pair

733 The ___runner can run 2 miles in fifteen minutes.

Acommon    B usual    C average   D general

734 China is trying to keep her population ___ down.

Abirth    B increase    C size    Dgrowth

735 I wouldlike to have a talk with him ___ his convenience.

Ain     B at    C for    Dwith

736 The doctortried to ___ the patient with a new drug.

Acure     B heal    C treat   D handle

737 He ____ thewhole list but still did not find his friend’s name.

A wentby    B went on    C went into   D went over

738 Aftersupper, he asked her if she felt like ___ a walk.

Atake     B taking    C totake    D have taken

739 His tastesand habits ___ with those of his wife.

Acombine    B compete    Ccoincide    D compromise

740 My frienddoes one thing one day and just the ___ the next. His behavior is inconsistent.

Aother     B alternative    Cnegative    D opposite

741 Although Ilike the appearance of the house, what really made me decide to buy it was thebeautiful ____ through the window.

Avision   B look     Cpicture     D view

742 He willprobably be given an award on account of his ___ achievements in physics.

Ahigh    B outstanding    C huge   D worthwhile

743 Nobody yetknows how long and how seriously the shakiness in the financial system will ___down the economy.

Aput    B settle    C drag    Dknock

744 ____, hedoes not love her.

A As he likesher very much         B Though much helikes her

C Much althoughhe likes her       D Much though he likes her

745 The doctorreceived ___ phone call at midnight.

A aserious    B a necessary    C animmediate    D an urgent

746 Thedeparture of some famous professors has ___ this teaching program ___.

A caused,stop             B put, to a stop    

C caused, outof action       D put, out of action

747 He is a(n)____ basketball player, for he makes money by playing the games.

Aamateur    B part-time    Cspare-time    D professional

748 In thecourse of a day students do far more than just ____ classes.

Aattend       B attended    C toattend     D attending

749 he was lateto work this morning, because he ___ his bus.

Afailed    B ignored    C missed   D lost

750 I’m used to____ up late at night.

Astay   B staying    C be staying    Dhave stayed

751 I regret ____so much time and money on stamps.

A towaste     B for wasting    C havingwasted    D at wasting

752Communication is the process of ____ a message from a source to an audience viaa channel.

Atransmitting   B submitting    Ctransforming    D switching

753 He was ____of understanding anything which involved numbers.

Aunable    B useless      Cimpossible    D incapable

754 Thegovernment is trying to do something to ___ better understanding between thetwo countries.

Araise    B promote    C heighten   D increase

755 Thedestruction of these treasures was a loss for mankind that no amount of moneycould ___.

A stand upto    B put up with   C come up with   Dmake up for

756 Having nomoney but ___ to know, he simply said he would go without dinner.

A not to wantanyone     B not wanting anyone

C wanted noone        D to want no one

757 Thediscussion was so prolonged and exhausting that ___ the speakers stopped forrefreshments.

A atlarge    B at intervals    C atease    D at random

758 If the United States had not entered the Second World War, probably the unemployment rate ___still further.

A wouldrise    B should rise    C would haverisen   D had risen

759 No onelikes him because he always tells ___ jokes.

Ahard    B hateful    C nasty    Dnoisy

760 The animalhas a brain which is nearest ___.

A in man’ssize            B insize to man

C in size toman’s          D to the size inman

761 San Francisco is usually cool in summer, but Los Angeles ___.

A israrely    B is scarcely   C hardlyis    D rarely is

762 Heconsidered himself a great singer, and ___ it was true.

A in noway   B in the way   C in a way   D in her way

763 In ourfast-paced world nothing seems ____.

Aconstant    B instant    Cconsistent    D resistant

764 Such actions____ a severe reprimand.

Awarrant     B justify     Cwarn    D worship

765 Oildrilling in that area now stopped because the project has ___ money.

A come outof     B come off    C run outof    D run out

766 If Delia___ so much work to do, she would have taken her friend out to dinner.

A should nothave    B had not had

C would nothave    D would not have had

767 MostAmericans ____ to the middle class.

Abelong    B devote    C subject   D attach

768 Life is acandle ___ to burn ever brighter.

A beingmeant    B meaning    C to mean   D meant

769 The doctorwas asked to go back to the hospital because of ___ case.

A anoperation  B an emergency  C a treatment   D an incident

770 John D.Rockefeller, ___, owned 90 percent of all American oil refineries.

A as still ayoung man        B while still a young man

C a young manhowever      D in spite of a young man

771 As adefense against air-pollution damage, many plants and animals ____ a substanceto absorb harmful chemicals.

Arelieve     B dismiss     Crelease     D discard

772 The film isnot worth ___ again.

Aseeing    B to be seen    C tosee    D being seen

773 ____, worksongs often exhibit the song culture of a people in a fundamental form.

A They occurwhere they are    B Wherever they occur

C Occurringwhere            D Wheredo they occur

774 It israther ___ that we still do not know how many species there are in the world today.

Amisleading    B embarrassing    Cboring   D demanding

775 The headoffice has already been ___ to New York.

Atransformed    B transmitted    Ctransferred   D transported

776 Some areas,___ the severe weather conditions, are hardly populated.

A owingto     B in spite of    C butfor    D with regard to

777 New York is ___ in the world.

A larger thanany other city   B larger than any city

C larger thanany cities      D largest of all cities

778 As teacherswe should concern ourselves with what is said, not what we think ___.

A ought to besaid      B must say  

C have to besaid       D need to say

779 His job wasto ___ out the good apples from the bad ones.

Asort    B carry     C give   D choose

780 Mrs. Lackeywas awakened by the ringing of the bedside phone 12 hours after her husband’sboat had been ___.

Awrecked     B collapsed    Cdecayed    D fired

781 Let us getout quickly. It is no good ___ time.

Awaste   B to waste    C wasting   D to havewasted

782 ____ beforewe depart the day after tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.

A Had theyarrived          B Would theyarrive

C Were theyarriving        D Were they to arrive

783 Having lostthe match, the team went home in ___ spirits.

Adark    B deep    C empty   D low

784 The man towhom we handed the forms pointed out that they had not been ____ filled in.

Aconsequently   B regularly    Ccomprehensively    D properly

785 She never___ her head with such questions as money, house, and food.

Aworried    B bothered    Cinterrupted    D interfered

786 Airplaneand television are among the ____ of science.

Amasks    B martyrs    C marvels   Dmarrow

787 Modernindustry abounds ____ opportunities for young men with imagination.

Afor    B on   C in    D of

788 I wasgreatly disappointed ___ that affair.

A out  Bin   C to   D toward

789 He willcome to see us when he ____.

A arrives   B has arrived    C will arrive    D would arrive

790 I decidedto go to the library as soon as I ____.

A finish what Idid             B finished what I did

C finished whatI was doing      D would finish what I was doing

791 I read somegood review of the exhibition which made me very ___ to see it.

Asatisfied    B interested    Ceager     D amazed

792 It isreported that ____ adopted children want to know who their natural parents are.

A themost    B most of     Cmost      D the most of

793 The finaldocument was, of course, supposed to mend the damage ____ upon the world by thewar.

Aimposed     B impressed    Ccompelled    D compressed

794 As a ____actor, he can perform, sing, dance and play several kinds of musicalinstruments.

Aflexible    B versatile    Csophisticated     D productive

795 He didn’tallow ___ in his room, actually he did not allow his family ____ at all.

A to smoke, tosmoke      B smoking, to smoke

C to smoke,smoking       D smoking, smoking

796 By the year2000, production in the area is to double ___ of 1990.

Athat    B it     Cone     D what

797 She was sowell ____ about all the things that happened in the town.

Ainformed    B reformed    Ctransformed    D deformed

798 No matterhow frequently ____, the works of Beethoven always attract large audiences.

Aperformed                   B performing  

C to beperformed              D being performed

799 My supplyof confidence slowly ____ as the deadline approached.

Aelapsed    B eliminated     C exterminated    D diminished

800 ____ whenshe started complaining.

A Not until hearrived          B Hardly had he arrived

C No sooner hadhe arrived      D Scarcely did he arrive

801 Let me giveyou ____.

Aadvices     B an advice     C someadvice    D the advice

802 It isduring summer breaks that we first taste the satisfaction of work that ____into hard currency.

Atransfers      B translates     Ctransmits      D transplants

803 If youthink you can do the work, you should ___ for the job.

Ademand     B apply      Crequest     D appeal

804 Although Ispoke to him many times, he never took any ____ of what I said.

Anotice    B remark    Cobservation     D attention

805 Althoughnot an economist himself, Dr. Smith has long been a severe critic of thegovernment’s ____ policies.

Aeconomical    B economy    Ceconomic     D economics

806 Our successis directly ___ to the leadership of the Communist Party.

Aattributable     B attractive     C attribute    D attentive

807 In Britain,and on the continent too, the Japanese are sometimes

viewed ___ athreat to domestic industries.

Alike    B with    C for     Das

808 ___, thelittle girl can help her mother with some housework.

A Young as sheis          B Young as isshe  

C As she isyoung          D As is she young

809 Fumes fromthe exhaust of an automobile are ____.

Anotorious     b anxious    Cnoxious   d delicious

810 Hot metal___ as it grows cooler.

Acontracts     B reduces   Ccondenses       D compresses

811 He is ____to hardship and danger.

A inconvenient    B prior    C superior    D indifferent

812 Johncomplained to the bookseller that there were several pages ___ in thedictionary.

Amissing    B losing   C dropping    Dleaking

813 A ___ ofthe long report by the budget committee was submitted to the mayor forapproval.

Ashorthand    B scheme    Cschedule    D sketch

814 One of themain problems in the city is ___ pollution.

A how to doawaywith             B how can do away with

C that to doawaywith             D that how to do away with

815 She hasn’tseen her family ___ three years ago.

Asince   B from      C for   Dbefore

816 Althoughmost birds have only a negligible sense of smell, they have ___ vision.

Avigorous    B exact    C acute   Dvivid

817 Childrenand old people do not like having their daily ___ upset.

Ahabit     B routine     Cpractice     D custom

818 Cut off bythe storm, they were forced to ___ food for several days.

A go infor    B go over    C gowithout    D go out

819 Acompletely new situation will ___ when the examination system comes intoexistence.

Arise     B arise    Craise    D arouse

820 The lostcar of the Lees was found ___ in the woods off the highway.

Avanished    B scattered    Cabandoned    D rejected

821 Thedictator relied on abuse of his opponents ___ on sound reasoning.

A morethan     B rather than    C otherthan    D better than

822 Our companydecided to ___ the contract because a number of the conditions init had notbeen met.

Adestroy    B resist     Cassume    D cancel

823 It seemsoil ___ from this pipe for some time. We’ll have to take the machine apart toput it right.

A hadleaked   B is leaking   C leaked    D hasbeen leaking

824 He keptsome aspirin tablets in ___ in case he get splitting headache.

Apreserve    B observe     Cconserve     D reserve

825 The letterseemed ___ by a child.

A to havewritten    B to write    

C to bewriting      D to have been written

826 She used tobe fond of music but has now ___ interest in it.

Afailed    B left    C lost    Dstopped

827 Reading ___the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what weread ours.

Arectifies     B prolongs    Cminimizes    D furnishes

828 Eugene resents his mother’s insistence that he ___ to church.

Ago    B went    C would go    Dought to go

829 I have twoboys but ___ of them likes sweets.

Aboth   B neither    C either    D none

830 It was myfirst attempt; I ___ to do better next time.

Afeel   B hope   C think    D trust

831 Many peoplelike to watch ___ film.

A apleasing    B an exciting   C a delighted  D an interested

832 ___ all ourkindness to help her, Sara refused to listen.

AAt    B In    C For    D On

833 As far asthe rank of position is concerned, an associate professor is ___ to aprofessor, though they are almost equally knowledgeable.

Aattached   B subsidiary    Cprevious    D inferior

834 I ___ themto go by train, but they went by bus after all.

Aproposed    B mentioned   C suggested   Dadvised

835 ___ me, Ithink an English-Chinese dictionary is much more helpful to our study than anAll-English dictionary.

A As faras    B As far   C As for   D As regard

836 Theenterprise will ___ enormous expense and labor upon them.

Aentangle    B entail    Cenroll    D enrich

837 She’s got awonderful job and earns a great ___ of money.

Adeal   B quantity    C number    Dlevel

838 Not until1868 ___ made the capital of the state of Georgia.

A was Atlanta        B Atlanta was    

C when Atlanta       D was when Atlanta

839 She neverlaughed, ___ lose her temper.

A or she everdid    B nor did she ever  

C or did sheever    D nor she ever did

840 My sister’sprofessor had her ___ her paper many times before allowing her to present it tothe committee.

Arewritten    B to rewrite    Crewrite    D rewriting

841 He was ___to secrecy but I didn’t believe him all the same.

Aused    B pledged   C accustomed    Dpleased]

842 People aretold to ___ for pickpockets.

Alook    B warn   C watch out    Dprepare

843 In themeantime, the question facing business is whether such research is ___ thecosts.

Aworth     B worth of     Cworthy    D worthwhile

844 Since it issuch a sunny day, we might ___ to the suburb for a picnic.

A as swell asgo   B as well as to go

C as wellgo     D as well to go

845 Jane hasfew ___ over what she has done.

A regrets  B apologies    C sorrows    D headaches

846 The lawyernoticed that she had ___ an important detail in her account.

A letoff    B left out    C left over   Dleft about

847 The doctor___ his tonsils.

A cutup   B cut out   C cut down    D cut on

848 More thanone third of the Chinese in the United States live in California, ___ in San Francisco.

Apreviously   B predominantly   Cpractically    D permanently

849 Theinspector ___ with a comment that the design seemed somewhat old-fashioned.

A setabout   B started up   C set up    D startedoff

850 By the endof 1994, 559 kinds of products had been ___ green food.

Anamed    B restricted    Cclassified    D labeled

851 I object___ as he is still too young.

A my son tosmoke      B my son smoking

C to my son tosmoke    D to my son’s smoking

852 The ___ ofa cultural phenomenon is usually a logical consequence of some physical aspectin the life style of the people.

Aimplementation   B manifestation    

Cdemonstration    D expedition

853 A river ___through the narrow wooded valley below.

Aextends    B pours    C expands   D twists

854 The housewas sold for $ 60,000, which was far more than its real ____.  

Acost    B price    C value    Dexpense

855 Thegovernment ____ regulations that put this archeological site under protection.

Apublished   b issued   C discharged    Dreleased

856 ___ thesight of the police officers, the men ran off.

AIn    B At   C On    D With

857 “Doesanybody want an extra ticket to go to the movies?”

“Who would you rather ___ with you, George or me?”

A togo    B have go     C have gone  D going

858 It was feltthat he lacked the ___ to pursue a difficult task to the very end.

Apetition   B engagement    Ccommitment     D qualification

859 Some peopleare ___ to jump to haste conclusions.

Ainclined   b inclusive    Cinadequate    D incapable

860 “A man wasslightly injured in an accident.” This tells us that his injury was ___.

Adeadly     B very serious    Cfatal       D not serious

861 The Englishlanguage contains a(n) ___ of words which are comparatively seldom use dinordinary conversation.

Aaltitude   B latitude    C multitude   D attitude

862 Shakespeare’sbirthplace is often visited as a ____.

Ashrink    B shriek    C shrine   Dshower

863 Childrenare very curious ____.

A atheart    B in person    C on purpose  D by nature

864 In thatcountry, guests tend to feel they are not highly ___ if the invitation to adinner party is extended only three or four days before the party date.

Aadmired     B regarded   cexpected     D worshipped

865 I wouldappreciate ____ it a secret.

A you tokeep                B your keeping

C that youkeep              D that you will keep

866 Pollutionhas ___ a lot of damage to the environment.

Acreated   B made    C got    D done

867 I nevertrusted him because I always thought of him as such a ___ character.

Agracious    B suspicious    C unique  D particular

868 I have no___ about the truth of the statement.

Adecision    B suspicion   c certainty   Ddoubt

869 I could seethat my wife was ___ having that fur cost, whether I approved of it or not.

A intenton     B adequate for     C shortof    D deficient in

870 Problemsoften ___ when you least expect them.

Aarouse   B rise    C raise    d arise

871 Humanbehavior is mostly a product of learning, whereas the behavior of an animaldepends mainly on ____.

Aconsciousness    B impulse     Cinstinct    D response

872 I have thehonor of introducing to you Mr. Alan, who will ____ you on his recent tourabroad.

Aaddress    B speak    C talk    Dconverse

873 Nowadaysadvertising costs are no longer in reasonable ___ to the total cost of theproduct.

Aproportion   B correlation   C connection   Dcorrespondence

874 It took himseveral months to ___ the wild horse.

Atend   B cultivate   C tame   D breed

875 Theclimbers ____ on their adventurous journey into the unknown.

A setout    b set in    C set to    Dset up

876 Language,culture and personality may be considered ___ of each other in thought, butthey are inseparable in fact.

Aindistinctly    B separately   Cirrelevantly    D independently

877 He madesuch a ____ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the newbuildings after him.

Agenuine    B minimum     C modest   D generous

878 “John isn’there now.” “____ left by the back door?”

A Must hehave  B Might he have   C Had he   D Should he have

879 Studiesshow that the things that contribute most to a sense of happiness cannot bebought, ___ a good family life, friendship and work satisfaction.

A asfor    B in view of    C in caseof    D such as

880 All ___ isa continuous supply of the basic necessities of life.

A what isneeded         B for our needs  

C the thingneeded       D that is needed

881 A Dream ofthe Red Chamber is said ___ into dozens of languages in the last decade.

A to have beentranslated    B to translate

C to betranslated          D to havetranslated

882 I ___ anold schoolmate of mine in the street.

A ranto   B ran across    C ran up    D randown

883 If a persontalks about his weak points, his listener is expected to say something in theway of ____.

Aassurance   B persuasion   C encouragement   Dconfirmation

884 Rejectingthe urging of his physician father to study medicine, Hawking chose to ___ onmath and theoretical physics.

Aimpose    B center    Coverwork     D concentrate

885 I feltsomewhat disappointed and was about to leave, ____ something occurred whichattracted my attention.

Aunless    B until    C when    Dwhile

886 Thegovernment will be better able to ___ other problems because it won’t be caughtup in planning ahead for future population growth.

Atackle   B challenge     Crelieve    D eliminate

887 After hisrecovery from illness, he ___ his former position.

A assumed   B presumed    C consumed    D resumed

888 Foreign disinvestmentsand the ___ of South Africa from world capital markets after 1985 furtherweakened its economy.

Adisplacement    B elimination   Cexclusion   D exception

889 ___, I’lllove him all the same.

A He were richor poor    B Be he rich or poor

C Being rich orpoor      D Were he rich or poor

890 She is notreally poor; she just ___ to be poor.

Aprevents    B presents    Cpretends    D prepares

891 Force ismeasured in pound ___ it is produced.

Awhenever   B how   C no matter how    Dalthough

892 He hasn’t___ to take a holiday this summer.

Adetermined    B planned     Csuggested    D supposed

893 Although heis very rich, his undutiful children are the ___ of his life.

Atorch   B torment    C topic     Dtopper

894 It ___ seento be believed.

Ahas    B has been   C has tobe      D was

895 By 1992,Mickey Mouse was as popular ___ children as coca-Cola.

Afor    B in     Cto      D with

896 It wasn’tsuch a good dinner ___ she has promised us.

Athat    B which    C as     Dwhat

897 Having alot of money but ___ to know, he drives a Toyota instead of a Benz, which ishis favorite.

A not to wantanyone      B not wanting anyone

C want noone            D to wantno one

898 In this experiment,they are wakened several times during the night, and asked to report what they___.

A has just beendreaming       B have just been dreaming

C are justdreaming            Dhad just dreamt

899 Smoking isnot ____ here.

Apromised    B performed    Callowed    D let

900 I wouldn’tread that novel, ___ recommends it.

A no matterwho     B no matter how

C no matterwhen    D no matter what

901 I don’tthink that this question is subordinate ___ the main aim of our company.

Awith   B to    C for    D on

902 Thegovernment agency responsible for the ___ of such standards was the FCC.

Aapproval    B proposition    Cconsent    D agreement

903 ProfessorSmith and Professor Brown will ___ in giving the class lectures.

Aalter    B change    C alternate    D differ

904 In general,matters which lie entirely within state borders are the ___ concern of stategovernments.

Aextinct    B excluding      Cexcessive    D exclusive

905 Althoughsports ___ the household, Joe drew the line when they interfered with familytraditions and routine.

Aoverwhelmed     B affected     Cdominated    D influenced

906 Although hehad looked through all the reference material on the subject, he still found ithard to understand this point and her explanation only ___ to his confusion.

Aextended      B amounted     Cadded       D turned  

907 Physics isthe present-day equivalent of ___ used to be called natural philosophy, fromwhich most of present-day science arose.

Athat    B all       Cwhich    D what

908 Stop ____,boys! It’s time for class.

Atalking    B talk    C to talk   D being talking

909 Themagician picked several persons ___ from the audience and asked them to helphim with the performance.

A byaccident    B at random    C onoccasion    D on average

910 Hereluctantly ___ the task.

Aundertook    B upheld      Cunderestimated    D undeceived

911 It’s ___lovely house, but did you see how small ___ kitchen was?

A a,a      B a, the    C the,the    D the, a

912 George wasn’tin class today. Professor Brown excused him____.

A fromattending   B of attending    C toattend    D attending

913 I didn’tsay anything like that at all. You are purposely ___ my idea to prove yourpoint.

Arevising    B contradicting    Cdistorting    D distracting

914 His carelessdriving almost ___ an accident.

Acreated        Bcaused     C made    D resulted

915 ____ ingovernment was exposed through the agency of the press.

ACorruption     B Cosmetic    CCottage    D Costume

916 He is ____in his requirements.

A moist    Bmodest      C modern    D momentary

917 Jack wasabout to announce our plan but I _____.

A cut himshort     B turned him out

C gave himup       D put him through

918Telecommunication developments enable the sending of messages ____ television,radio and very shortly, electronic mail to bombard people with many messages.

Avia    B amid    C past    Dacross

919 ___ yourpoor record in school, we think you should study harder.

A In spiteof    B In view of     C In chargeof    D In case of

920 Because o9fthe unexpected changes, they postponed ___ us an answer.

Agiving      B have given    C togive    D to have given

921 It isstrictly ____ that access to confidential documents is denied to all but a few.

Asecured    B forbidden    Cregulated      D determined

922 Everycamera we sell comes with a two-year ____.

Aguarantee    B safety    Cconfirmation      D conservation

923 Changingfrom solid to liquid, water takes in heat from all substances near it, and this____ produces artificial cold surrounding it.

Aabsorption    B transition    Cconsumption    D interaction

924 Lung cancerhas now exceeded breast cancer as a ____ killer of American women.

Apreliminary      B primary    Cpotential     D physical

925 The largestsystem serving e-mail messengers is the Internet, a ___ of millions ofcomputers linked worldwide.

Aunity   B combination     Cnetwork    D connection

926 The apricotis still green and tastes ____.

Asour    B acid    Cbland      D sweet

927 “Do youknow Canada?” “No, ___ there.”

A I’ve neverbeen       B I’d never been

C I’ve nevergone       D I’d never gone

928 ___ I amconcerned, some other arrangement would have been better.  

A Sofar     B As for    C as faras     D So far from

929 The box is_____.

A too heavythat I cannot lift it    B too heavy for me to lift

C so heavy forme to lift          D too heavyfor lifting

930 All theparts of this washing machine are ___, so that it is very convenient to replacethem.

Anormalized   B modernized   C mechanized   D standardized

931 He wasasked to ____ the facts just as he remembered them.

A setdown    B set aside    C setabout    D set back

932 Someanimals adjust themselves ___ their environment by instinct.

Ato    B in     C from    Dtoward

933 Afterreading these books, he was ____ to the Darwinian theory of evolution.

Achanged    B converted    Ctransferred   D adjusted

934 He wouldtry to ingratiate himself ___ his clients in order to earn more money.

Ainto   B with   C for      D from

935 She has a pleasant___ of the river from her kitchen.

Aview   B scene    C picture    D sigh

936 He fell inlove with her ___ first sight.

Ain    B from    C on    D at

937 Once youhave made your point clear at the ___ of the essay, you must then proceed toconvince readers about the position you have taken.

Adeparture    B outset    Cconcentration     D initiation

938 TheGovernment has expressed its ____ of the plan to build three new factories.

Atrust   B faith   C effort    D approval

939 Mary is so____ to others that people tell her all their troubles.

Aeasy    B generous     Csatisfied    D kind

940 ___ withthe size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all.

A Whencompared        B Compare    

C Whilecomparing       D Comparing

941 If you onlygo to the theatre occasionally, you go ____.

A again andagain     B now and again

C veryoften          D very frequently

942 My studentsfound the book ____: it provided them with an abundance of information on thesubject.

Aenlightening      B confusing    Cdistracting    D amusing

943 Evidencecame up ___ specific sounds are recognized by babies as young as 6 months old.

Awhat   B that    C which     D whose

944 My fatherwent to New York; the doctor suggested that he ____ there .

A not togo     B hadn’t gone    C notgo    D wouldn’t go

945 Small boysare ___ questioners. They ask questions all the time.

Aoriginal     B imaginative    Cpeculiar    D persistent

946 My boss hasalways attended to the ___ of important business himself.

Atransaction    B stimulation    Ctransition    D solution  

947 I’m sorry___ you waiting.

A tokeep           B to bekeeping    

C to havekept      D to have been keeping  

948 He was ___to steal the money when he saw it lying on the table.

A dragged   B tempted    C elicited    D attracted

949 ____ shefirst heard of the man referred to as a specialist.

A That was fromStephen     B It was Stephen whom

C It was fromStephen        D It was Stephen that

950 ___ isknown to the world, Mark Twain is a great American writer.

AThat    B Which  C As    D It

951 The bankmanager asked his assistant if it was possible for him to ____ the investmentplan within a week.

A workout   B make out    C putout      D set out

952 People whorefuse to ____ with the law will be punished.

Aobey   B consent    C conceal    D comply

953 Being somewhatshort-sighted, she had the habit of ____ at people.

Aglancing    B peering     Cgazing      D scanning

954 Ifbusinessmen are taxed too much, they will no longer be motivated to work hard,with the result that incomes from taxation might actually ___.

Ashrink     B delay    Cdisperse     D sink

955 Despite theirgood service, most inns are less costly than hotels of ____ standards.

Aequivalent    B alike    C uniform   D likely

956 After ameal in a restaurant, you ask the waiter for the ____.

Abill      B note    Creceipt     D menu

957 Thechildren had never been subject to any discipline and so were completely ____.

A out ofhand   B out of place    C out of reason   Dout of action

958 Britain press is unusual ___ it is divided into two very different types of newspaper: thequality press and the popular press.

A inhow    B in what    C inwhich     D in that

959 During thenineteen years of his career, France Battiate has won the ___ of a wideaudience outside Italy.

Aenjoyment      B appreciation    Cevaluation    D reputation

960 He wassubjected to a heavy fine ___ driving without a license.

Aat   B for    C with    D by

961 Cancer issecond only ___ heart disease as a cause of death.

Aof    B to    C with    D from

962 Exerciseseems to benefit the brain power of the healthy and the sick, the young and theold ____.

Aalike     B alive     Ctogether   D included

963 Eventually,people spread throughout the continent, ___ the entire species.

A wipingout    B wiping away    C wipingoff    D wiping up

964 Don’t getyour schedule ___; stay with us in this class.

A tochange    B changing    Cchanged    D change

965 Great as Newton was, many of his ideas ___ today and are being modified by the work of scientistsof our time.

A are tochallenge        B may be challenged

C have beenchallenged     D are challenging

966 She was so___ in her job that she didn’t hear anybody knocking at the door.

A attracted   B absorbed    C drawn    D concentrated

967 China Daily never loses sight of the fact that each day all of us ___ a tough, challengingworld.

Aencounter    B acquaint    Cpreside    D confront

968 He mighthave been killed ____ the arrival of the police.

A exceptfor    B but for    C with   D for

969 ____classic music, which follows formal European tradition, jazz is a spontaneousand free form.

A In contrastto      B In connection with

C In comparisonwith   D In regard to

970 In thepast, most foresters have been men, but today, the number of women ___ thisfield is climbing.

Aengaging    B devoting     Cregistering      D pursuing

971 By ___computation, he estimated that the repairs on the house would cost him athousand dollars.

Acoarse    B rude    C rough    Dcrude

972 She shouldbe ___ and not make unreasonable demands.

Asensational     B sensitive    Csensible    D sensual

973 The ice istoo thin to ____ your weight.

Asupport    B load     Cresist     D take

974 ____, a manwho expresses himself effectively is sure to succeed more rapidly than a manwhose command of language is poor.

A Other thingsbeing equal     B Were other things equal

C To be equalto other things    D Other things to be equal

975 Many awriter of newspaper articles ____ to writing novels.

A hasturned                B have turned  

C have beenturned            D hasbeen turned

976 Ants ___food for the winter.

A takeup     B put up    C holdup     D store up

977 The bookcontained a large ____ of information.

Adeal     B amount     Cnumber     D sum

978 Althoughthe town had been ___ by the storm several times, little damage was done.

Aattacked    B injured    Charmed    D struck

979 Having beenfound guilty, the man was given a severe ___ by the judge.

Aservice    B sentence     Ccrime    D crisis

980 Once theyhad fame, fortune, secure futures; ____ is utter poverty.

A now that allis left     B now all that is left

C now all whichis left    D now all what is left

981 Thatcupboard must always be ____ carefully locked.

Ashut     B held     Cclosed      D kept

982 The doctordecided that he could not conceal the truth ____ the old man any longer.

Afrom      B of      Cin    D at

983 Dozens ofscientific groups all over the world have been ____ the goal of a practical andeconomic way to use sunlight to split water molecules.

A pursuing      B chasing    C reaching    D winning

984 She thinksthat true happiness ____ devoting herself to her work.

A consistswith    B consists on     C consistsof     D consists in

985 Last night I___ my mother on the phone.

Aspoke    B talked    C said     D called

986 America will never again have as a nation the spirit of adventure as it ___ before the Westwas settled.

Acould     B was      Cwould      D did

987 After theArab states won independence, great emphasis was laid on expanding education,with girls as well as boys ___ to go to school.

A to beencouraged     B been encouraged

C beingencouraged     D be encouraged

988 Only 60% ofthe students in our class passed this ____ exam.

Arequiring    B demanding    Crequesting    D claiming

989 Since helied to me, he will never persuade me ___ his sincerity or truthfulness.

Aof     B for    C in    D at

990 Look at theterrible situation I am in! If only I ___ your advice.

Afollow    B had followed    C wouldfollow    D have followed

991 Barry hadan advantage over his mother ____ he could speak French.

A sincethat      B in that    C atthat     D so that

992 John didn’tknow how to get to the station, so he stopped ____.

A toask    B asking    C forasking     D to asking

993 I don’twant to lend any more money to him; he’s already in debt ____ me.

Awith    B of    C for    D to

994 ____ youropinions are worth considering, the committee finds it unwise to place too muchimportance on them.

AAs     B Since    CProvided    D While

995 The ___ ofblood always makes him feel sick.

Aform    B view    C look    Dsight

996 It isrequested that all the students ____ present at the meeting tomorrow.

A were    B will be     C are      D be

997 Our readersare comfortable with our clear, ____ words that inform and entertain them.

Aconventional       Bconcise       C creative    Dcrucial

998 He lay ___sat in the armchair.

A otherthan    B rather than    C morethan    D less than

999 Since bothhe and I work in the same hospital, I can hardly avoid ____ him.

A beingmet    B meeting     C to bemet    D to meet

1000 John ___Bill by two games to one.

Awon    B beat    C fought    Dovercame



1-5 ADCDB       6-10 AABCA       11-15CDDCB      16-20 DBDAB  

21-25DBDAC      26-30DACBD       31-35BABDC      36-40 ABCDA

41-45CBABD      46-50ACBDA       51-55ACBDA       56-60 CDBCA

61-65BDCAD      66-70BABDB       71-75CDBAB       76-80 CDDBA

81-85CDABC     86-90 DBBAC        91-95BCCAB      96-100 DACCA

101-105ABADC   106-110 ABACD     111-115BBDAB     116-120 CBCDB

121-125CADBA   126-130 CCCAC     131-135AAABC     136-140 BACAC

140-145ADADD   146-150 DDCAD     151-155 ADBAC    156-160ACACB

161-165CADBD   166-170 CBABC     171-175ABCDA     176-180 CBADC  

181-185BDCAB   186-190 CBCBD     191-195ABDBA     196-200BADCB

201-205CBCBD   206-210 ADBAC     211-215DBADB     216-220 CAADC     221-225 BABCA          226-230BDBCC

231-235ACABD      236-240DBACB          241-245 DABDC

246-250DBBDC      251-255BDACD          256-260 ABBDD

261-265CCABC      266-270DBAAD          271-275 BCDDB

276-280DAACB      281-285 BAADB


286-290 BCBDD   291-295 CBDAA    296-300 ABAAC

301-305AACBD    306-310 DBABA    311-315 AAACC

316-320CDDAD    321-325 CAADD    326-330 BCDCB

331-335BADCD    336-340 CDCDA    341-345 BDBCC

346-350BBDCD    351-355 DDDBC    356-360 DDADD

361-365AADDD    366-370 AACDC    371-375 BABAB

376-380CCBAD    381-385 ACBBC    386-390 CCBBB

391-395AAAAC    396-400 CDBBB    

401-405 BCBCB

406-410ABBBC    411-415 ADBDD    416-420 BBAAB

421-425BDABA    426-430 ADDDB    431-435 ACCCC

436-440ABBCD    441-445 AAABD    446-450 BADCA

451-455ADACA    456-460 ADDDD    461-465 BCABD

466-470ABBAC    471-475 DCDBA    476-480 DAABC

481-485BACBA    486-490 BDDAA    491-495 BBCBD


501-505ACADA    506-510 BCADD    511-515 ABDAC

516-520CBDDB    521-525 AABAD    526-530 DACAB

531-535BCBBC    536-540 BAADB    541-545 BACDC  

546-550ACBAA    551-555 DBAAD    556-560 DCDAA

561-565DCAAC    566-570 DCBBA    571-575 CBDAC

576-580BDBCD    581-585 BBACC    586-590 BABAA

591-595ADDCD    596-600DDBAD

601-605CBCAA    606-610 AADAB    611-615 ADCAB

616-620CADDB   621-625 CCACB    626-630 CBDBA

631-635DABDA    636-640 ADADC    641-645 DADDB

646-650CDCBB    651-655 ACBBC    656-660 ADADA

661-665ADDAC    666-670 BCBAB    671-675 DBAAA

676-680CACCD    681-685 CCACC    686-690 CACBA

691-695DBACB    696-700 BCDCB

701-705CADBD    706-710 ACDAA    711-715 CDDAB

716-720ABAAB    721-725 BBBBB    726-730 ABDBD

731-735DDCDB    736-740 CDBCD    741-745 DBCDD

746-750DDACB    751-755 CADBD    756-760 BBCCC

761-765DCAAC    766-770 BADBB    771-775 CABBC

776-780AAAAA    781-785 CDDDB    786-790 CCBAC

791-795CCABB    796-800 AAADB

801-805CBBAC    806-810 ADACA    811-815 DADAA

816-820CBCBC    821-825 BDDDD    826-830 CDABB

831-835BCDDC    836-840 BAABC    841-845 BCACA

846-850BBBDD    851-855 DBDCB    856-860 BBCAD

861-865CCDBB    866-870 DBDAD    871-875 CAACA

876-880DDBDD    881-885 ABCDC    886-890 ADCBC

891-895CBBCD    896-900 CBBCA

901-905BACDC    906-910 CDABA    911-915 BACBA

916-920BAABA    921-925 CAABC    926-930 AACBD

931-935AABBA    936-940 DBDDA    941-945 BABCD

946-950ACBCC    951-955 ADCAA    956-960 AADBB

961-965BAACC    966-970 BDBAD    971-975 CCAAA

976-980DBABB    981-985 DAADD    986-990 DCBAB

991-995BADDD    996-1000 DBBBB